The Hamburg Lions lost their season opener in a close battle in Ashdown on Friday night.

The Panthers put the first touchdown on the board, but Brett Rice threw a 33-yard touchdown pass to Nick McNeil to give the Lions six points. The extra point kick was good and the score was tied seven all.

The Panthers put another six points up making the score 13-7.

Rice threw a short pass to Armodd Taylor who ran it from around the 40-yard line all the way to the Lion 20. This set the Lions up for a short pass to Bruin Barnes for another Lion touchdown.

The extra point kick put the Lions in the lead 14-13.

In the third quarter, Ashdown held the Lions to no score while the Panthers were able to not only get in a touchdown, but a two-point conversion to go with it. The third quarter score was 21-14 with Ashdown on top. 

In the fourth quarter, the Lions were able to get another touchdown in to give them 20, but Ashdown scored again as well making the final 28-20.

The Lions are now 0-1 as they prepare to host the Forrest City Mustangs at Campbell Field on Friday.

The Mustangs are also 0-1 so far this season after losing to Star City 42-6 last week.

Forrest City plays in the 5A East Conference. Last year they finished the season 8-3 overall and 6-1 in their conference.

Kick off is at 7 p.m. Friday night.

The junior high team will face the Crossett Eagles on Thursday night. Coaches and school administration asks that everyone follow social distancing guidelines when attending sporting events.