Lions Fall to Eagles

Hamburg Lions battle to the end Friday night, Jan. 11 against the Crossett Eagles; the final score, however, tilted to the Eagles 50-48. The final 1.7 seconds during which the Lions had the ball was not enough to come back for another shot.

The Lions basketball team played the Crossett Eagles in a game that came down to a winning buzzer shot by the Eagles.

The Lions jumped in the lead on Friday night with a three point shot by Jalen Wilson followed by a two point basket by Nigel Lewis. At the end of the first quarter the Lions were leading by nine points 14-5.

The Eagles caught up and took the lead in the second quarter and were leading 30-18 at the half.

Lion player Jai Trent scored the first basket after the half giving the Lions 20 points. The Eagles were still up by 10, but the Lions slowly began to close the gap.

Jalen Brown answered with two points for the Eagles, but Wilson scored again for the Lions making the score 32-22. Brown scored again for the Eagles 34-22, but Wilson answered for the Lions and the score was 34-24.

Crossett scored another basket 36-24, but then the Lions scored five unanswered points. Trent hit a free throw, Caleb Bridges scored two and Wilson scored two making the score 36-29 with the Eagles only up by 7.

Hamburg kept fighting and closed the gap to five and the score was 42-37 with only minutes on the clock. Crossett scored four unanswered points 46-37, but Trey Brown hit a three pointer for the Lions to make the score 46-40.

Bridges hit a free throw and Lewis scored two points making the score 46-43. Crossett answered with two points, but was only up by five as the clock ticked away. DJ Johnson scored two for the Lions 48-45 and Wilson sunk a three pointer that tied the game 48 all with less than a minute on the clock.

Crossett answered in the final seconds with a two point basket by Derrick Williams and the Eagles began to celebrate. The Lions were given the ball back with 1.7 seconds on the clock, but it wasn’t enough time to even the score.

The Eagles won 50-48 and earned another point towards the Dr. James D. Rankin rivalry trophy sponsored by Skip McDonald.

The Ashley County schools each get a point when they win a head to head match against each other. The school with the most points at the end of the year wins the trophy and bragging rights for the season.

The Lions will travel to Magnolia on Friday to face the Panthers and they will play at home again on Jan. 29.

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