The Hamburg Lions won the first game of their season Oct. 15 when they claimed a 15-point victory over the Helena-West Helena Central Cougars.

Going into the matchup, Hamburg was 0-6 for the season and Helena-West Helena was 0-7.

During the fist quarter, the teams played an evenly-matched game, with both teams getting the ball into the end zone once. The Cougers were also able to claim their extra points with a conversion, putting the score at 8-6 in their favor at the end of the quarter.

Hamburg rallied in the second quarter, however, scoring four touchdowns and two extra points versus the Cougar’s one. While Helena-West Helena was also able to pick up two extra points, that still left the score lopsided at the half, with Hamburg literally doubling Helena-West Helena’s 16 points with 32.

After the half, both teams only scored one touchdown for each quarter. In the third quarter, the Cougars again ran in a two-point conversion, while Hamburg kicked for their extra point. In the fourth quarter no extra point attempts were successful.

At the end of the game, the scoreboard read 45-30 in Hamburg’s favor.

During the game, Hamburg attempted 52 rushes for a total of 520 yards during 55 plays. The offense booked a total of 550 yards, which included 30 passing yards; two of three passing attempts saw completion. Zane Johnson was credited with both completions, one of which resulted in a touchdown in the hands of Jordan Hawkins, who received for both completed passes.

Runningback Willis Robinson led the team in rushing, running the ball 194 yards over 22 attempts, including for two touchdowns. Quarterback Tracker Whited rushed for 150 yards in nine attempts and also ran the ball into the end zone. Brayden Davis followed with 95 yards over five attempts, including a touchdown run. Rammer Baldwin and Alex Jenkins also ran the ball in during the game.

Defensively, Whited led the team with 8.5 tackles, eight of which were solo efforts. Brent Holland followed with three solo tackles. Baldwin and Stetson Bussell were each credited with 2.5 tackles. Jacob Gwin was credited with a sack.

The Lions next game will be the Ashley Bowl when they take on Crossett on Yarbrough Field in Crossett. The game will start at 7 p.m. Oct. 22.