Gavin Harrod and Ben Brockwell won first place in last week’s Hamburg High School fishing tournament on Grand Lake.

Harrod and Brockwell had a total weight of 15.28 pounds, and Dalton Gill and Ganon Vail placed second with 7.84 pounds.

Kyle Fleming weighed in third with 4.64 pounds. Partners Kolten Hodge and Lane Edwards were in fourth with 3.24 pounds while Fisher Grubb and Ethan Vail were in fifth with 1.88 pounds and Austin Fleming and Joseph Mclarrin were in sixth with 1.26 pounds.

The Hamburg Bass Club has fished six tournaments so far this season.

The total points standings after Saturday’s tournament show that Austin Fleming is leading for the season with a total of 1764.76 points. Behind Austin Fleming is Grubb with 1715.32 and Harrod with 1654.26,

Other point holdings are Gill, 1615.68; Lane Edwards, 1612.44; Brockwell, 1541.58; Kyle Fleming, 1461.74; Aaron Nelms, 1449.84; Dalton Haynes, 1314.12; Hodge, 1294.5; Ethan Vail, 1294.52; Hunter Edwards, 1174.32; Tyler Cook, 1167.08; Mclarrin, 1114.72; Ganon Vail, 1063.34; Bruin Barnes, 1044.80; Drake Thornton, 1020.36; Hunter Adams, 988.92; Cami Murphy, 988.40; Colton Pippen, 916.02; Garrett Moyers, 862.02; Clayton Collins, 719.94; Dreylon Scales, 593.84; Ty Powell, 565.02; and Ty Dodson, 549.74.

The next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 16. The location has not been determined.

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