Lions v Bobcats

The Hamburg Lions fell to the Dumas Bobcats 26-14 last weekend but will maintain their chance in the playoffs. Hamburg will host Jonesboro in round one on Friday night at Campbell Field.

The Hamburg Lions will host Jonesboro in round one of the playoffs on Friday night at Campbell Field.

The Lions hosted Dumas last week and even though they racked up more yards on offense, they ultimately fell 26-14 to the Bobcats. The Lions rushed for 264 yards and had 41 passing yards for a total of 305 offensive yards. The Bobcats rushed for 182 yards and passed for 29 yards for a total of 221 yards.

Hamburg scored first with a rushing touchdown by Armodd Taylor and extra point kick by Ivan Ceja to make the score 7-0.

Dumas answered with a touchdown and the score was tied seven all until the second quarter when Dumas ran away with the lead. The Lions were down 20-7 at the half. Neither team scored in the third quarter and the score sat at 20-7. 

Hamburg running backs Jamal Brewer and Armodd Taylor each broke out during a few plays to move the Lions down the field, but they couldn’t make it to the endzone.

In the fourth quarter, Gavin Harrod broke away for a 24 yard run that set the Lions up to score. The Lions were down 20-14 with just a few minutes left in the game, but Dumas was able to get another touchdown across to seal off their win.

The Lions will host Jonesboro on Friday and if they win that game they will go on the following week to face the Stuttgart Ricebirds.