The count is over and Crossett has officially won the Dr. James D. Rankin Memorial trophy for the second year in a row.

Dr. Skip Macdonald came up with the idea for the award after seeing the heat in the Crossett Eagle and Hamburg Lion rivalry.

The James D. Rankin award was created to recognize that long-standing rivalry between the Crossett Eagles and the Hamburg Lions and add an extra reward at the end of each school year.

Every time the Eagles and the Lions played each other in a varsity sports event, a point was awarded to the winning school.

Macdonald said he came up with the idea because he found the Ashley Bowl so interesting and he wanted to find a way the schools could compete in all sports.  

"I wanted to find a way that every athlete, no matter the sport, could contribute to the points. I want every team to feel like they are apart of earning the award."

This year the Lions won six points by winning a boys basketball game, a softball game, a tennis match, both girls and boys soccer and the Ashley Bowl during football season.

The Eagles won a total of nine points by winning tennis, golf, a boys basketball game, a softball game, two baseball games, and both girls and boys track.

The award will be presented to the Crossett Eagles at their sports banquet later this month.

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