Robinson Cemetery


Listed May, 2007

This cemetery is located in a wooded area south and east of Hamburg. To reach the cemetery, go south from Hamburg on Highway 425 to the intersection with U. S. Highway 82. From there, go south an additional 3/10 mile to an unnumbered gravel road turning east. Follow that road easterly for two miles to a woods road heading left (north). Follow the woods road north for about 500 feet, and it then turns to the right, and the cemetery is directly ahead. The cemetery area is outlined in white-painted tires. When this cemetery was checked in May, 2007, there was a gate across the woods road requiring a visitor to walk from the timber access road. Though there are only 14 inscriptions listed below, there are a number of funeral home markers which are no longer legible as well as some broken stones and obvious graves with no markings.

The exact location is longitude North 33 degrees, 07 minutes and 08.1 seconds and latitude West 91 degrees, 47 minutes and 26.0 seconds.

Listings are by last name, first name, birth date, death date, and comments if any.

Brandon, Al, 22 Jan 1895, 25 May 1975, Pfc. U. S. Army

Cook, Jesse Lee, 2 Oct 1962, 7 Nov 1965, concrete double marker with Jimmie Lee Cook

Cook, Jimmie Lee, 13 Nov 1964, 1 Nov 1972, concrete double marker with Jesse Lee Cook

Cook, Roxie, 24 Oct 1913, 3 Jan 1986

Guss, Jominia, died 19 Nov 1902, wife of Peter Guss

Robinson, Billy Lee, 13 Oct 1953, 23 Oct 1980

Robinson, Bobby Dean, 25 July 1950, 13 Dec 1950

Robinson, Edward, 11 June 1932, 23 Aug 1993

Robinson, J. M., 1947?, double marker with Mrs. Robinson, concrete, inscription unclear

Robinson, James M., 2 Dec 1922, 12 Dec 1981, Pvt., U. S. Army, World War II

Robinson, Lelia Ann, 13 Apr 1924, 17 Nov 1984

Robinson, Mrs., 1951?, double marker with J. M. Robinson, concrete, inscription unclear

Robinson, Nora?, died 4 Dec 1981?, concrete marker, inscription is unclear

Robinson, Richmond, 1876, 1946

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