Morgan Cemetery


Listed March 29, 2007

The Morgan Cemetery is located almost directly south of Crossett. To reach the cemetery, begin at the intersection of Highways 82 and 133 in Crossett. Go south on Highway 133 for 7.2 miles to the Crossett Forest Experiment Station. Directly in front of the experiment station, turn left (east) on Ashley Road 263. Go east about 1.3 miles to the end of the gravel road. Then continue east on a dirt road, which may be impassable during winter months, for about 3/10 mile. At that point, the main road turns right (south). Instead, turn north on a woods road and follow it for a half mile. There should be a small woods road turning left (west). Follow that road for 200 to 250 yards to the cemetery which is on and around a small mound.

The exact location is North 33 degrees 02 minutes 29.1 seconds and West 91 degrees 54 minutes 38.4 seconds, or in decimal form, North 33 02.487 West 91 54.649.

Though only nine stones remain, there is evidence of other burials for which markers were not found.

Listings are by last name, first name, birth date, death date, and comments, if any.

Arlock, Mrs. F. C. 20 May 184?7, died 1912. Concrete marker, dates and name difficult to read.

Farrah, Maggie, 7 Oct 1901, 19 July 1903, dau of ? and F. M. (or possibly E. M., broken stone}

Morgan, Charley, 19 Feb 1894, 20 June 1922

Morgan, Granderson, 15 Mar 1898, 7 June 1974

Morgan, Sarah, 14 Apr 1891, 1 Oct 1983

Morgan, W. R., 2 June 1859, 18 Mar 1905, WOW marker

Tubbs, B. A., 15 Dec 1834, 1 June 1913

Tubbs, Nancy, 27 Mar 1842, 4 May 1925

Womble, H. A., 11 Nov 1918, 14 Dec 1924

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