Ashley County, Arkansas

Located southwest of Hamburg, this cemetery included about 20 legible headstones in October, 2002. However, there are many more burials– possibly over 100– as indicated by broken concrete markers and grave depressions. There are also some markers which had painted inscriptions which are no longer legible. The cemetery is overgrown and generally unkept.

To reach the cemetery from U. S. Highway 425 in Hamburg, travel west on West Jackson Street (Arkansas Highway 189) for 3.25 miles from the Jackson-Highway 425 intersection. Then turn right on Ashley Road 16. After a little more than a tenth of a mile, bear left on Ashley 16 when the road splits into Ashley 16 and Barnett Trail. Go about 1.7 miles and then turn right on an unmarked gravel road. This road is now blocked by a gate. Walk up the road about 1/10 mile, and at a deer camp, bear left. The cemetery is located in the woods about 80 yards from the camp. Coordinates for the cemetery are latitude North 33 degrees, 12 minutes, 26.7 seconds and longitude West 91 degrees, 52 minutes, 4.3 seconds.

Listings are generally alphabetical by last name, first name, birth date, death date, and comments, if any.

Cash, Betsy, 1840, 1883

Crawford, Jessie, 7 Mar 1867, 3 Oct 1947

Douglas, Ada B., 1882, 1964

Douglas, John, 1881, 1961

Dunn, Ada Evans, 5 Nov 1891, 9 July 1969

Jimerson, Roxie, 21 Aug 1888, 10 Jan 1955, broken stone

Jimerson, Solomon, 24 Dec 1898, 4 Sept 1953, Ark. Pfc 813 Co. Trans Corps, World War I

Lane, Reggie, died 29 Dec 1924

Manurvy, C. A., 3 Dec 1809, 7? Dec 1901, broken stone

Swain, H. S., 1861, 1941, double stone with E. L., Father and Son

Swain, E. L., 1906, 1960, double stone with H. S., Father and Son

Swain, Joe, 1896, 1971

Swain, Lucas, 10 July 1876, 11 June 1923

Tucker, Mary Jane, no dates, double stone with Esaw

Tucker, Esaw, no dates, double stone with Mary Jane

Walton, Danny Joe, no date, 16 Aug 1992, age 30, funeral home marker

Warren, Tena, died 2 Mar 1925

Wimbley, Sally Tucker, 1884,1904

Wimbley?, Columbus, 189?8, 1970, broken stone

Woods, Willie May, ??, 8 Oct 1990, only one date, funeral home marker

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