Ashley County, Arkansas

Listed June, 2005

This very rural cemetery is located southwest of Crossett. While the legible stones are all listed, there are many other graves which are marked by metal pipes or concrete blocks and for which there are no legible names. To reach the cemetery, go south on Highway 133 (Florida Street) from U. S. Highway 82. Turn right (southwesterly) on Petersburg Trail. Follow the road for 1.2 miles and then turn left on Ballpark Road. Go 3.7 miles to a four-way intersection. Turn right, and then immediately turn left on Ashley Road 216, which has a gate across it. Go a little over a half mile, and then turn left on a dirt road. The cemetery is located at the end of that dirt road, a little over a half mile off the gravel road. The road may be impassible in wet weather. The exact location is Latitude North 33 degrees 02 minutes 49 seconds and Longitude West 92 degrees, 0 minutes and 24 seconds

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Listings are generally by last name, first name, birth date, death date, and comments, if any.

Boyd, several small stones with no names or dates

Boyd, A. W., 1854, 1945, double stone with J. W. Boyd

Boyd, Clark, no dates

Boyd, Hezekiah, no dates

Boyd, J. W., 1896, one date, double stone with A. W. Boyd

Boyd, Joe, 31 July 1912, 21 May 1992, metal plate on concrete base

Boyd, Mary J., no dates

Boyd, Thomas Jefferson, 9 Oct 1866, 31 Dec 1914

Carruth, Adline Dowrey Watt, 14 Oct 1879, 18 Oct 1974, concrete, difficult to read.

Cockrell, Billie M., 3 Dec 1945, 5 Mar 2002, double stone with Murray D. Cockrell, wed 2 Mar 1973, also listed by her name Serena, Eli; listed under both names, Jordan McKenzie Mills

Cockrell, Murray D., 16 Oct 1946, one date, wed 2 Mar 1973, double stone with Billie M. Cockrell; listed by his name, Kerstie, Victoria, Sawyer; listed under both names, Jordan McKenzie Mills

Driver, Patricia Mills, 8 Nov 1921, 29 Mar 1991, "Billie"

Hedge, George Dewey, 20 Aug 1899, 7 Apr 1963

Hedge, Hazel, no dates

Hedge, J. T., 28 June 1930, 10 Apr 1979

Hedge, Joe Minnie Lee Miles, 18 Mar 1896, 4 Sept 1970

Hedge, Joseph Wilson, 15 Jan 1854, 26 Mar 1928

Hedge, Kate, no dates

Hedge, Lily Odessa Boyd, 4 May 1909, 3 Nov 1973

Hedge, Viola Virginia Jones, 1927, 2005, death date from funeral home marker

Jones, Barbara Deloris, 16 Feb 1946, 6 Feb 2003, double stone with Roy Stecile Sr. Jones, listed in center, Wendy, Becky, Roy Jr.

Jones, Roy Stecile Sr., 7 May 1945, one date, double stone with Barbara Deloris Jones, listed in center, Wendy, Becky, Roy Jr.

Jones, Walter H., 17 Sept 1911, 6 Dec 1983

Kennedy, Edgar L., 20 May 1931, 8 Sept 1992, double stone with Roslea Kennedy

Kennedy, Roslea, 12 Oct 1934, one date, double stone with Edgar L. Kennedy

Mills, Steven, 1969, 2002, funeral home marker

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