Georgia Pacific-Crossett announced Thursday that it would be restarting Tissue Machine No. 5 in Crossett and would recall some former employees.

The machine was previously mothballed as part of the permanent closures at the mill in 2019.

GP Crossett Spokeswoman Jennifer King said the machine’s restart was necessary to meet customer demand for tissue products and to refill the company’s warehouses. 

Approximately 10 former employees will be needed as part of the restart operation.

“This will allow us to increase our daily production of bath tissue,” King said.

“We are forming a restart team that will be responsible for verifying this currently mothballed equipment and identifying all the steps needed to be taken to bring the machine back online. The timing of the restart will be determined by these actions, but this isn’t something that will happen immediately. It will likely be this summer before the machine is restarted.”

The company will determine which employees are eligible for recall as part of its bargaining agreement with union leadership.

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