The Hamburg School District’s building-level administrators said that this year’s summer school program was successful while school board members prepared for board changes.

Albritton Elementary School Assistant Principal Blake Higginbotham told the HSD board of education that of the 47 students who were recommended or required summer school in his building, 42 attended and 36 showed measurable growth by the end of the course. Of the 19 students who were required, only two will face retention in the same grade.

Noble Elementary Principal Angela Maize said that of the 15 required summer school students at Noble, 14 did well on the program’s post-test and only one will be retained. Noble had 42 recommended and 15 required summer school students.

Portland Elementary Principal Christy West said 47 students attended summer school, though it was interrupted somewhat by a non-COVID viral outbreak that caused a number of students to run a fever, which meant students could not attend until the fever abated.

“Several of my students who were required to come were totally remote (learning during the regular school year),” West said. “But in 18 days, we did gain some ground. I feel like it was worth our time to do that.”

At Hamburg Middle School, all 40 summer school students passed on to the next grade, Assistant Principal Sara Watson said.

Hamburg High School’s summer school program was different in that students were working to capture credits for specific core classes. Principal Tim Outlaw said that this summer students were able to earn 45 half credits.

“When you have 45 half credits made up, that is impressive,” he said. 

Thirty of the credits were earned in a face-to-face setting, and 15 were done through an online platform, he said.

Hamburg High School Assistant Principal Eddie Tucker said that because high school is different, some students who are still behind after summer school might be promoted after the end of the first semester during the school year.

“Some of them will be back on track next year, because they will take English 9 one semester, but then English 10 the next semester,” he said.

HSD Board of Education President Jim Wells announced that school board member Shawn Hickman has submitted a letter of resignation, meaning that the board will have to appoint a replacement for the Zone 6 chair. Hickman was not present at the meeting.

The board voted 3-2 to appoint Suzanne Singleton as vice president. The other candidate nominated was James Hartshorn. Members Maggie Ware, Debbie Jackson and Singleton voted for Singleton’s appointment.