Arkansas Secretary of Education Johnny Key addressed a group of teachers and administrators at Hamburg High School on Monday during a celebration event marking the completion of a three-year Professional Learning Community (PLC) program at Hamburg High School. 

The PLC process, which was implemented in coordination with education publisher and public development provider Solution Tree, includes job-embedded training, observation and coaching. 

“The PLC Process does not replace the knowledge you have; it allows you to bring it to a larger group,” Key said. 

Schools in the program create action plans that focus on increasing student achievement through aligned curriculum, formative assessments and proven instructional strategies. 

During the second year, schools work to deepen their understanding and focus on providing multiple support systems for students, staff and faculty; year three focuses on strengthening those systems and sustaining the process. 

School officials especially discussed the Response to Intervention program that HHS has implemented, which helps students catch up on their education when they fall behind and even earn missed credits. 

Those who spoke said that the PLC effort has helped the school faculty come together to not only understand what they’re teaching and what students need to learn, but how to teach it as they approach each student on an individual, skill-by-skill level. 

“There have been a lot of times where we have questioned things, but every time we questioned this, all roads have led back to success,” Superintendent of Schools Tracy Streeter said.