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Food is a big part of every holiday. A big part of the Christmas holiday is candy. Each year, CandyStore.com records preferences from customers, receiving over 23,000 responses this year.

CandyStore research anticipates a rise in Christmas candy sales this year, a trend that began this past Halloween, when the National Confectioners Association recorded a 48 percent increase in Halloween candy sales compared to 2020.

According to CandyStore's website, peppermint bark is a fan favorite across the United States. The candy ranks as the number one favorite in 14 states, picking up three additional spots this year, reports CandyStore.

While peppermint bark experiences an upsurge in popularity, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are falling in popularity across the U.S., losing three number one spots this year, according to Candy Store. 

Reindeer corn is also facing decline, despite remaining a top three contender across the nation.

As for Pennsylvania statistics, Reese's Cup Minis are reported as first place; Candy Canes take second; and Reindeer Corn takes third.

Find the state by state breakdown online. CandyStore also offers an interactive map.

This article originally ran on northcentralpa.com.


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