The City of Montrose and Mayor Joseph Carlton held a public hearing on Monday, June 18 to hear opinions on potential grants the city would use to resolve standing issues within the city limits.

The city is working on a 50 percent matching grant from Arkansas Parks and Tourism to build a permanent restroom facility at the city park.

The city has two options for the facilities and Carlton said the city is leaning towards the option with the least amount of upkeep.

Carlton said without a restroom facility, park patrons are being forced to either go back to their houses or do their business outside – a situation he called “unhealthy.”

He said that the new facilities would save money and make the park more appealing for hosting future events.

The city also finalized a grant to repair a casing crack in a municipal water pipe supposedly causing cloudy water for residents.

The grant is for $15,000 from Delta Regional Authority and covers all repairs costs associated with the water system.

City Clerk Vickie Mixon said the city has received complaints from residents, but every test the city has conducted has returned negative.

The tests check for chloroforms and E. coli – both of which returned negative.

After an inspection of the well by Gaunt Engineers of El Dorado, the company concluded that the cause of the cloudy water is unclear.

The engineer definitively ruled out a chlorination issue and low well levels.

The city will still proceed with the repairs and Carlton said he expects the engineers to arrive next week to repair the casing.

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