Each May since 1988, National Foster Care Month has raised awareness of the needs of children and teens in foster care across Arkansas.

When children cannot stay with their families due to crisis, neglect or abuse, they enter the foster care system needing safe homes to take them in and care for them. With approximately 4,400 children and youth currently in the foster care system in Arkansas and only 1,500 homes to care for them, there is an urgent need for foster and adoptive parents to provide a refuge or a home of permanence.

The CALL in Arkansas mobilizes the Church and recruits, trains and supports church members to become foster and adoptive parents. In 2019, more than 969 CALL foster homes served 3,685 children and youth.

Many people are feeling stressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are scared about the future, anxious about their families, and missing friends. Others are not sure who is in charge, are out of their normal routines, stuck where they don’t want to be, and can’t think past today. Unfortunately, this is the life of a child in foster care.

Children and teens in foster care deserve to have a home where they feel safe and secure. The CALL is working through the crisis to provide stability and offer support. At a time when others have closed their doors to remain safe, foster families are opening their homes to children at their most vulnerable.  This month, The CALL is launching a campaign to highlight foster heroes in local communities.

For more information or to feature a local foster family in this community, contact the local county coordinator or the state office for The CALL. The state contact is:

 Jill Bobo, Development Director


Heroism doesn’t demand extraordinary circumstances. Instead, it can take place in everyday life. For more information about becoming a hero to a child in foster care, contact The CALL at 501-907-1048.

To learn more about The CALL, visit TheCALLinArkansas.org or Facebook.com/TheCALLinAR.

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