High speed Internet infrastructure has been installed in Hamburg and some customers are already hooked into the system.

Swyft representatives Jake Ragusa and Rodney Govens met with Hamburg City Council on Monday, Dec. 20 to update them about the work. While Ragusa was present at the meeting, Govens attended by speakerphone.

Swyft Connect fiber is now fully launched and is ready to serve any and all residential and commercial customers within Hamburg city limits, the representatives said. 

Govens said the company is equipped for contracts and noted several different price points residential customers can take advantage of as well. 

Govens also said that well over 50 customers in the Hamburg area are using their services already and they are “excited to be a part of the community.” 

Business class services are also available to those that need them and include such options as a static IP address which can provide a better setup and more security. 

As part of the discussion, some council members asked if there would be an option for traditional cable television provided by Swyft Connect. Ragugsa and Govens both said that Swyft Connect does not provide these services. 

They will, however, eventually be offering what they referred to as “legacy television,” which looks like a traditional coaxial cable box, but is actually the Swyft system instead. 

Many people already use streaming services on smart televisions to get their entertainment through the internet, but the Swyft box makes the transition in technology a little more appealing to some, they opined.

Govens said the company is looking to centralize a lot of its warehousing. 

Their service area stretches from Greenbrier to Wilmot, so they said some in the company feel that Hamburg or Crossett might provide the perfect spot to locate their warehouse. 

That opportunity would also include employing two to three individuals locally as well as a customer service team, they said. 

Ragusa and Govens said they would work with the area’s city councils and determine what their options are before moving forward on the warehousing idea.