The Hamburg School District announced changes to the two-week COVID-19 quarantine guidelines that were issued back in August.

The new guidelines were published and sent out by the district on Friday.

According to the changes, students or staff may now be eligible for a shorter quarantine time than the original 14 days, but the new rules state that they must not have any symptoms.

There are now two options for people who have been exposed, but are showing no symptoms. One option is for those who do not wish to be tested.

Without a test, students or staff may come back to campus on the 11th day after exposure if no symptoms have occurred during their 10 day quarantine. 

Option two, for those who wish to be tested, the quarantine time could be even shorter. 

With this option students or staff who desire to come back sooner are allowed to take a PCR, or send off test, on day 5 if they have had no symptoms. If the test returns with negative results, they we be able to return to campus on the eighth day after exposure if no symptoms have occurred since exposure.

The notice sent out also says that the district encourages all students and staff to complete the 14 day quarantine used previously and notes that it the “safest way.”

Those with questions regarding the new guidelines may contact the administrators in their respective buildings.

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