Hamburg School District is requesting that parents who are interested in enrolling their child in HSD Remote Learning do so by next week.

The district is preparing to return to “in person learning” after Aug. 24 pending any restrictions from the governor. However, they are offering an alternative option for those who are interested.

According to their website, “remote learning will be available for students in grades K-12 who will not be able to attend or choose to not attend school onsite this year.” 

This option is available for those who live in the Hamburg School District or meet the residency or school choice requirements for the 2020-2021 school year.

The application for this program can be found on their website and is due by July 30. 

Superintendent Tracey Streeter said the applications will be used to help school personnel plan resources and schedule pick up information for those who will participate in remote learning.

“Students will be completing grade-level work and will interact with a teacher through Google Classroom, Google Meet, telephone, etc,” Streeter said. “Although hot spot areas will be provided throughout the district, internet service will be the responsibility of the parents. You are always welcome to visit the hot spot locations and download or upload information and lessons without ever leaving your car,” she said.

The district will provide all students a Chromebook and explore other options to upload lessons if broadband is an issue. 

Remote learning will include HSD curriculum, teachers, intervention, parent and student resources and other support.

Streeter said students who participate in the remote learning program should be self-motivated, computer literate and willing to devote 3-5 hours a day to the content. 

There will be no cost to participate in the remote learning option and parents and students are not required to commit for any certain length of time. However, it does require that all student assignments are up-to-date and submitted before a student will be allowed to return to onsite instruction.

“This will help provide consistency and reduce interruptions to instruction and services for both the students receiving remote instruction and those receiving onsite instruction,” Streeter said.

There will be mandatory parent and student training regarding the use of the Chromebook, introduction to Google Classroom, the Learning Management System, and information regarding the use of Google Apps and extensions, but the date on that has not yet been determined. 

As of this week, Hamburg plans to start school, but does not have an official start date yet. 

According to the governor’s latest announcement Arkansas schools cannot start until after Aug 24. 

A representative from the district said on Monday that they are currently working on a calendar and will upload it to the district’s website as soon as it’s finalized. 

The next school board meeting will be Aug. 10.

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