Mayor Dane Weindorf told city council members last week that the city was going to have to do significant sewer repairs.

All of the city’s sewage flows to one manhole at the end of Norman Street, he said, and both of the pumps that move it out have broken loose of their base, which is located 30 feet below the street.

The city has been able to get a backup pump installed, but more repairs are ultimately needed, he said.

“We are going to have to redo this whole pumping station,” Weindorf said. “We are talking about some big-time expenses on it.”

Part of the issue has been that solid waste like mop strings have been going into the pumps, he said, which causes them to clog.

“We will put in a different kind of pump,” he said. “It is kind of like a garbage disposal. It grinds up everything that comes in there so it doesn’t stop it up.”

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