The Square on Hamburg was aglow with lights this past Thursday, Dec. 2 for the city’s 2021 Hamburg Holidays celebration. 

The lights strung on the gazebo showed it off even more than usual, with folks from the crowd taking the opportunity to pose in front of it for holiday photos. 

There were vendors on hand to feed the crowd, and the entertainment ranged from face painting to Cinderella-style horse drawn carriage rides around the square. Mayor David Streeter and his wife Superintendent Tracy Streeter even used this mode of transport during the Hamburg Christmas parade, which began at 6:30 that evening.

There was a booth run by workers from CenturyNext Bank that provided a mailbox for those wishing to send their letters to Santa in a most expeditious fashion. The volunteers provided pre-printed sheets that the children could fill out with or without help from parents for their convenience. 

Music permeated the air, families walked up and down the streets looking at the wares provided by local business owners, and there were many smiles to be seen. Children took advantage of the good weather to run around and engage in horseplay while their parents caught up with friends. 

People began early filling up the parking spots lining the highway in anticipation of the parade. Children held bags in their hands, waiting mostly patiently for the goodies to be tossed off the floats, and to see the one carrying Santa so they could see him in person. 

The parade drew a large crowd, and the floats did not disappoint. First responder vehicles led the parade with lights blazing and sirens flashing. The rest of the parade went without a hitch, one beautiful float after another. There was even a sighting of the Grinch, dancing on the caboose of a float.

The citizens of Hamburg showed up to celebrate the holidays as a community, and they shone brightly. The sense of holiday merriment was tangible and put festival attendees in a cheerful state of mind.