Ashley County Quorum Court members this month revisited the topic of Hamburg’s debt for past dispatching services provided by the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s department has provided dispatching for the city for more than a decade but earlier this year quorum court members determined Hamburg was not paying appropriately and had accumulated a debt toward the county. The amount of that debt has been in question since because the original agreement, reached more than 10 years ago, was verbal not written; neither entity has a firm record of the amount that should have been paid up until now.

Justice Jeff Langley made a motion at the Nov. 12 meeting to clear the slate for the city, and the members voted 7-3 in favor of the motion. Justice Ronnie Wheeler, however, pointed out that a yes from two-thirds of the full court was needed in order to pass the motion as it was presented. Two-thirds of 11 is eight, meaning the vote would have failed.

Another justice pointed out, though, that former Justice Hiram Taylor’s seat was vacated last month, and only 10 members now sit on the quorum court.

County Attorney David Harrod said he would look into the issue and report back with an answer as to whether the vote passed or failed with seven members.

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