On Aug. 25 deputies with Ashley County Sheriff’s Department arrested a woman in Montrose after they reportedly found drugs while executing a search warrant. 

According to investigator Tad Huntsman, the ASCO deputies executed a search warrant at the residence of Debra Ashford at 1368 Highway 165 in Montrose.  Huntsman said deputies entered the residence and made contact with Ashford who was the only person present at the time of the search. He also said Ashford was detained while deputies executed the search.

“I started the search in the living room area where Ashford was found,” he said. Huntsman reportedly located a Kel Tec 32 caliber handgun that had a loaded magazine inside, but nothing in the chamber. “I then moved my search to a bedroom where I found a paint can that had a false bottom,” he said. In the paint can he reportedly found a digital scale, a glass pipe, and a large number of clear zipper baggies. Huntsman also reported that he found a Morton salt container, also with false bottom. 

“I opened the container and found that it contained three clear baggies of suspected meth and several more clear zipper baggies that were empty,” he said.

The report shows multiple other drug paraphernalia findings including two glass pipes and other small baggies containing suspected methamphetamine. “In my training and experience it is very common for people to use false bottom containers to hide narcotics,” he said. “Also in my training and experience I have found that these types of glass pipes are commonly used to smoke methamphetamine.” Huntsman also said the digital scale had what appeared to be methamphetamine residue on it. 

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