Ashley County Farm Service Agency has announced that the deadline to certify planted acreage for fall-seeded crops is Dec. 15. Fall-seeded crops include wheat and oats. Planting dates are required as part of the certification process. Acreage under the Conservation Reserve Program should be reported for the farm at the time of certification.

Regulations require that state FSA committee’s review normal double-cropping combinations in their respective states annually. The Arkansas State FSA committee has determined that all Arkansas counties have a normal double-cropping practice of wheat/oats followed by soybeans. Producers requesting approval of other double-cropping situations must provide the Ashley County FSA Committee with verifiable and documentable proof that their specific crops have been successfully planted and harvested on the same acreage in the same crop year in at least two of the previous four crop years. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the local FSA office.

Acreages should be reported timely to avoid any future fees for late filing should programs become available. If an acreage report is not filed by the appropriate date, a late fee of $30 for the farm fee, plus an additional $16 for the first hour will apply.  Each additional 30 minutes will result in an additional $8.

Prevented Planted Acres should be reported when the crop acreage cannot be planted due to disaster-related conditions. To be considered timely filed, prevented planted acres should be reported no later than 15 calendar days after the final planting date established by Federal Crop Insurance. November 30 was the final planting date in Ashley County for wheat and oats. The final date to report prevented planted wheat and oats acres is Dec. 15. Failed Acres should be reported to the local FSA office prior to destruction of the crop.

For further information, producers should contact the Ashley County FSA office at 870-853-9881. 

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