Ashley County Quorum Court has decided to pursue legal action against a local business that owes tens of thousands of dollars to the Ashley County Landfill.

County Judge Jim Hudson said Monday that the alleged issue with Brooks Hauling goes back to before he took office in January 2017.

“They had a big fill there (at the landfill) that was not being paid,” Hudson said. “He was trying to keep his business going and we were trying to help him by letting him in. He sold everything and he owes the county quite a bit of money.”

The quorum court’s attorney, David Harrod, said at the justices’ meeting last week that the county government was seeking approximately $32,000 with a lawsuit.

“Getting the judgment is the easy part; the collection is the hard part,” Harrod said.

Hudson said the county did not like having to resort to legal action in cases like this.

“The county hates to do that to anyone,” he said. “I have been judge for nearly four years, and for the four years I have been here we have pretty much bent over backwards to help him get his stuff paid, but it is what it is.”

Hudson said he did not know what the full amount of the owed fees was when he took office, but it has been reduced since then.

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