The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce hosted their first Drive In Movie family event and organizers say it went really well.

The Hamburg Chamber played The Little Rascals behind the courthouse in a drive in style even on Saturday night.

“I was so encouraged and impressed with everyone who attended,” Georganna Cossey, the Chamber’s executive director said.

 She also said there were no issues with social distancing and everyone followed the guidelines.

“Everyone was in great spirits, and they all stayed with their group. It was easy and rewarding to see and be in the presences of all the ‘Good Vibes,’” Cossey said.

This is something they hope to do on a regular basis. Cossey said it was something they came up with to give back to the community.

There was no admission charged and no sponsors as it was solely organized and funded by the chamber.

They are currently looking at having another Family Movie Night at Carl Locke Pavilion, behind the courthouse on Aug. 8. Cossey said a new poll will be created soon on social media for the public to vote for the next movie.

Cossey said they also have created a Community Calendar for everyone to keep up with other events in our area. This calendar is on our website:

The evening also included a variety of concessions and food trucks and the proceeds will benefit a local charity.

“We are donating a portion of the proceeds from the food trucks to The Hamburg Food Pantry; I’m really excited about that,” Cossey said.

“We will continue looking for ways to ‘give back’ and bless our community.”

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