World War II took men from every part of the United States to places all over the world, even a young man from Line, Arkansas. That young man’s Silver Star and the flag that draped his coffin was dedicated in a ceremony at the Montrose City Hall on Friday, March 5, 2010.

Born April 19, 1912, Wilson Monroe Young was the eighth of ten children born to Carden and Estelle Turner Young at Line on the Ashley-Drew county line north of Snyder. He attended eight years of school, probably in a community school, and had one year of high school. In 1930, the five foot, 7 ½ inch tall 18 year old with brown hair, brown eyes and a ruddy complexion, who weighed a grand total of 128 pounds, decided to enlist in the U. S. Navy to “better myself” as he wrote on the enlistment documents. He went to Camden for the initial paperwork, and his formal induction was in Little Rock on July 1, 1930. In addition to a $100 enlistment bonus, he received the magnificent salary of $21 per month.

Thus began a 30 year military career that saw him fighting in the European, Pacific and African Theaters during World War II, as well as involvement in the war in Korea and peripherally, the French war in Indochina which became the Vietnam War.

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