1893 Entries

April l5, 1893

This 15th day of April is such a lovely day. The flowers bloomed out in all their mirth and beauty. The mocking birds sang their sweet notes as I wandered along strolling up the beautiful forest where a lovely stream was eddying along. It called to memory of bygone days as I gathered the ferns in all their beauty. I thought of one with fair blue eyes and rosy lips just the night before had related some of the incidents of passed life that I'd often pondered over. But alas, alone I sit and I feel the breath of the sunbeams as they hover around. It seems as if they almost say, Be Cheerful. Don't be lonely but wait til the clouds roll by. There is brighter times in the future for all, so be patient. O Dear Friend, have you ever thought of the love that I pray God has sent daily. Just think of the beauties of life and see if you ought not be proud that you have such pleasures and not sit back in idleness and be so sinful, for Jesus died for you and how can you sit in the dark pits of sin and life will be gone. So pray God and whatsoever things we shall ask in prayer believing we shall receive. Now think of the flowers in all their beauty and the sweet birds that Jesus has made to fill the air with sweet songs and all the wonderful scenery of life and see if you can't do something for Jesus. Oh may we all be found faithful serving the Lord Jesus.

September 10, 1893

How sad, how lonely seems this dark, gloomy day. No ones sweet smiles to be seen and my sweet chums are all gone. As I hear the clatter of raindrops and the noise of the cool zephyrs it reminds me of the bygone days of ‘92. It seems as if everyone is in a state of sadness. I've been trying to study today but am doomed to think of one far away that is dearer than life. How hard to part with loved ones. It is more than heart can bear! But I guess ‘tis all for the best. Life is full of sorrows, trials and troubles and oh at the departure of one we love so dear many a heart was made sad. We've parted perhaps, forever, saw the last sweet smile fade from his love beaming eye. Heard the soft sweet comforting voice the last time. Viewed the last aspect of a lovely form and heard for the last word Farewell. Oh if we never meet on this earth we may meet in a city of love where parting is no more and we'll be with the loved ones forever more.

The time will come when all will be love and joy but how long, oh how long will it be? As I sit here and look in a certain direction I see no one that could please me. Everything seems sad and lonely. I've parted with another dear chum forever. Oh how hard. It is all for the best that we have to bear so much and that we have to part with ones we love. Oh may thy life be well lighted with the sunshine of contentment and not be so impatient and miserable as I am this lonely, sad day. As I hear the muttering of thunder and see the angry clouds floating above it calls to memory the once happy days of ‘92. It is all past and never forgotten. How can I ever part with all my darling chums? The time will soon come when I must say farewell and to go and never see my only love. I cannot! When I sit here and view the lovely town of Berea and its pleasant situations a flood of thoughts come over me that fills my eyes with tears. To think that I will soon have to leave the dear ones at home and to go out in the far west for life. To give them up will be more than I can bear. How sad to think of my darling chum that is today at home around the loved ones and tomorrow will be with me no more and perhaps will speak some words of comfort to my lonely soul. 10 months is a long time to wait, but Oh Jesus help us to be patient. Spare us that we may meet once more..Help us to pray more earnestly for though has said "Whatsoever we ask in prayer, believing we shall also receive" Help us to pray and believe. Save my only darling Joppa today. Xmas I hope will be happy. (I never was so blue, Lillie) for then I'll see the one I love better than life. I'm so sad the tears fill my eyes as I think of the 4th day of September and the last happy night of the 4th when I had to part. The last sight faded away Tuesday Sept.5th at 7 a.m. Sunday evening Sept.10th ‘93. Pray for me or I'll be lost. Oh guide every thought and foot and may we be spared to meet once more. When I kneel down at my bedside to pray, I remember you, love, in my prayers. Always to be thought of. Nobody cares for me. Lonely Lillie Dale.

September 16, 1893

This is the 16th day of September. I have resolved to write a diary of my future life. Yesterday was my birthday. I was 18 years old. Yesterday was a happy day long to be remembered. Very lovely day. All was joy and sunshine and not a cloud appeared. I went to school. Prof. Killian teacher. In the eve. I came home and chatted with the loved ones awhile and then went over to Mrs. Duncan's after Mattie Rogers as she promised to spend the night with me. We came home just as the sun was sinking below the western horizon. We didn't get our expected letters, but Mattie let me read one from our "Little blue-eyed darling" We came on home, ate supper, tried our fortunes, read letter, laughed and talked until 2 o'clock. Our subject was on "Our loved ones" We both came to a final conclusion that we both loved each other as dear as sisters and would place all confidence in each other and be confident all through the future. We decided that to express our lov e for each other we could not… it was beyond expression. I never will forget the night of the 15th of September, 1993, the night I was 18!!! Oh the sweet kisses from the rosy lips of so dear a girl will long be appreciated. We sat and read awhile and it seemed as both of us was in a state of sadness for we were reading and thinking of one so far away and as we sat and thought our eyes filled with tears but by and by all was light and love again. We closed our eyes to rest in the arms of Jesus at 2 o'clock Friday night the 15th of September and this morning Sept. 16 I got up and helped Mama get breakfast and Mat and I have eaten breakfast, come to write this sketch of our happy times of the 15th. This is such a lovely morning, not a cloud to be seen and all is joy. Mat left at 8 o'clock. I ironed and in the afternoon studied for some time, then got supper and gathered some greens, swept the yard and while I was at my work Miss ……… came over and we took a walk and had very nice time. I then came home and washed dishes and studied geography lesson. Emma has another chill.

Sunday, September 17, 1893

Cooked breakfast. Cleaned up the house. Read in the forenoon until 11 o'clock a..m. Went to hear Bro. Duncan preach. Eat dinner, went to S.S. came back. Emma had chill and quite a crowd here. Then I prepared supper and got off to church again at 7 p.m. Mr. Will Box came home with me and had a very pleasant time. Now I must write to Aunt Mamie and get my lesson for tomorrow. Not a cloud all day and very pleasant.

September18, 1893

Beautiful day. Not a cloud to be seen. All was happiness. Cooked breakfast and went to school. Was perfectly contented and happy til my own darling chum told me we would have to part with another dear friend and school mate, Mr. Abb White. It is so hard to part with those we've become so attached to. How sad today has been although I've good lessons. Wrote a little at noon, went back to school and this evening came home. Went to Mrs. Wilcoxin's for Mama. Washed dishes and studied and now tis bedtime. I read one chapter, wrote a farewell piece for the loved one that's going to leave. How sad! This the close of one day finds me on my knees praying for the dying souls of today.

September 19, 1893

Very lovely day. Went to school and had pleasant time chatting with my dear schoolmate who is about to leave. We studied history together this eve. Came home from school and found Emma with another chill but the dear Mama saw it was my pleasure to come home with my only love Mattie and persuaded me to come and I am now at Mrs. D. with my little Mattie. This has been another sad day. As I read the contents of my Sweet Mattie's diary I couldn't keep from crying to save my life.

September 20, 1893

Cloudy a little but pleasant. Came home from Mrs. Duncan's and cleaned up the house. Went to school. Had very good lessons. Had nice time at noon hunting out questions in my history with Mr. Abb White. He is the kindest boy I ever met. Came home this eve. Studied my lessons. Mr. Abb White came over after a boquet to wear to prayer meeting just as the sun was sinking below the western horizon. After he left Georgia Brymer came over and we went to p.m. Someone went to p.m. his last time in Berea perhaps for his last time and oh how sad and lonely it will be at school when my best friends leave to go to other places. The reading of a chapter in the Bible and an earnest prayer for my dearest school mates and then I will be a land of dreams. Farewell for tonight.

September 21, 1893

This the close of another sweet day finds me writing this. Helped about breakfast. Went to school. Good lessons. Mr. Wilcoxin called on our class. Chatted ………at noon. Tomorrow is his last day at school. He wrote a piece in my history at recess this eve to be preserved always. Mattie my only love came home with me from school and we copied our geography lesson and wrote in Mr. Abb's history. Eat supper, washed dishes and studied my lessons for tomorrow. Now 9 o'clock finds me sitting in the side room by a table. I have just been looking through Mr. Abb's history. I can't hardly keep from crying to think of him and Mattie leaving school for they are my best friends and they are so kind and affectionate.

September 22, 1893

Went to school. Never so sad seemed like because it was the last day for one of the dearest school-mates to be with us. He was so kind today in assisting me in my lessons. I was at school, he came in, got his history and read the piece I wrote and complimented, came over and helped me to get my lessons. Went back early at noon. Georgia Brymer came along and we took a buggy ride. Abb was so kind in our arithmetic class. Came home this eve. Went to the office. Got a letter from Vira. Came home, cooked supper and washed dishes. Ebbie and I sang for a long time in the moonlight as it is such a lovely night. How sweet to sit in the moonlight and think of loved ones. Many a tear have I shed in the moonlight. I also went to Mrs. Simpson's after school. Mattie went home and tomorrow my best chum is going to leave old Berea and I know will leave sad hearts behind. So kind. Oh save tonight those that deserve blessings for their kindness and love. One more duty and off to dreamy land. Read chapter and pray for loved ones. I am more than sad. My happiest hours are past I'm afraid. Oh may we meet once more. Jesus save, spare, and guide and keep is my prayer tonight.

September 25, 1893

Cooked breakfast. Cleaned house. Went over in the forenoon and saw some of my chums and my …….Studied some in the forenoon. Mrs. Minnie called in the …….also Maggie and Minnie……down. Went over to Campbell's after boquet. ……..church tonight but none there cheered or looked half so dear as on Sunday night before. Came in with such lovely look and when now this Sunday is far away. I was sick today and tonight. Very lovely day although the sky was clouded most of the day. I also in the forenoon wrote to my dear cousin Tommie Crow. I am in a state of sadness.

September 25, 1893

Went to school. Had good lessons. M……called on our school. Came home this eve. Studied my lessons and went to see Mrs. Killian and Mr. Will Box brought an invitation to………at Mr. Bethunes. I didn't participate. Mr. Will came over ……me again after dark but I had declined the idea of going. Very sad and lonely day. Been drizzling rain and it is very discouraging to one that is so sad and lonely. But must read a chapter and say prayers and off to sleep by tonight.

September 26, 1893

Very lovely day all was joy and love. Swept schoolhouse at noon. Went by Edna's and saw one dear picture. Had good lessons. Mattie Smith, Elma and I went after hickory nuts at noon but not successful. Came back from school by Edna's. Studied my lessons. Mrs. Wilcoxin and darling chum Beulah came over. B. And I had one sweet chat of olden times. Helped some about supper and washed dishes. Wrote a contract and studied history lesson. Then went to bed.

September 27, 1893

Very lovely day, pleasant, and agreeable. Went to school. Cooked breakfast as usual. Came home this eve tried to study awhile but being Wed. night couldn't help from thinking of one who last Wednesday night as the sun was sinking below the western horizon came after a boquet to wear to p.m. That lovely sweet face was not at p.m. tonight as usual. How sad to think of the one that has been so kind and perhaps never will see again. Washed dishes, went to p.m. My dear chum Beulah was there but not my little Mattie. If I knew I'd never see that boy again my heart would break, but must live in hopes or die in despair. …….must go to rest. Hope to have sweet dreams of the only one I love. As I came home I thought of how kind and dear and sweet Jesus is and how sympathizing. Be in …….the pleasures and things that are put here for us to enjoy. The moon was lovely to behold. It was surrounded by flying clouds and they seemed to have a golden tint. It seems to have shone brighter than ever but I thought of one so dear. By, by for tonight.

September 28, 1893

Helped about the household affairs. Went to school, studied hard. Came home at noon found a letter from Aunt Mamie. Came home, drawed wash water. Went to Mrs. Campbell's on a borrowing expedition also to Mrs. Simpsons. Helped about supper and spent a few hours in studying. Mr. Austin is here to spend the night, also widower. So I'll put on a captivating smile in the morning. I wish I could or was able to persuade every child and could explain the necessity of education and never to lose one moment in school. My aims are set high in life and I'm going to the "top round" if the Lord wills. I hope some day to be able to support my dear old Papa and Mama and see them sit back and say hurrah for their little blue-eyed Frank. I close with a prayer for all and my dear that is so affectionate.

September 29, 1893

Washed, scoured, swept yards then cleaned up the house and ate dinner. Went to school in the afternoon. Sad afternoon for last Friday eve was the last happy day for awhile, for at this time last Friday night someone was at home. Came home from school, read a letter from my little "black eyed Norman" then went over to see chums Mat and Boots. Saw one sweet picture while I was there. Came home and saw Elma Jackson as she left to not return to school any more. It will be lonely indeed not to see dear Elma there. Helped get supper and then went to Mrs. Campbell's and milked the cow for her as she was sick. It is a pleasure for me to assist the sick and old. The sky is clouded. Just at 5 o'clock it clouded up and looks very dark and dismal. As I sit in the rocker just at twilight and my eyes filled with tears of sorrow as I thought of dear ones far away. Oh, save tonight. This closes today's "ups and downs". Good Night.

September 30, 1893

Cleaned up the house and cooked breakfast. Ironed, swept yards went over to Mrs. Campbell's. Came home. Went to Edna's to get my hat trimmed. Came back and ate dinner then went and helped Mrs. Simpson sweep church. Came and studied the balance of this eve until 5 o'clock then cooked supper and washed dishes and swept yards again. Very cloudy day although pleasant, very warm tonight. I am sad and lonely to think of the past. Will I ever feel cheerful and happy again? Oh Lord, may I once more see someone or be more cheerful. I have read a chapter in the Bible as usual and now will go to bed. Sweet dreams. Lillie.

October 1, 1893

Very cloudy and stormy. Stayed at home all day. Not very well. Emma had a chill. Papa had a fever. Studied all day. Well, I wrote a letter to Aunt Mamie. In the eve Beulah, Mattie, and Ora Griswold called, also Miss Lowry.. Bro. Briggs took supper with us. After supper I managed to

get out to Church Conference. I have been sad and lonely all day. One that is almost from sight but not from memory has been all of my thoughts for several hours. How sad to read those parting lines. If it were only true I'd be so happy. I must say prayers and read a chapter and off to sleep.

October 2, 1893

Went to school. All seemed cheerful. Mat and I had good time and at recess Mr. Killian gave us some good advice about going to school. He is so kind to us and we ought to and do appreciate his kindness. Very cloudy day. Papa received a letter from his brother (Uncle Joe Hundley) the

best letter! Emma had another chill. Papa is quite sick tonight. Had the doctor with him tonight. Came home from school. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Ogden and "bestest" chum Beulah were here. Beulah and I went to the office. Helped cook supper, washed dishes and studied my lessons. Now close my trials for today and farewell.

October 3, 1893

Very gloomy and rainy in the forenoon. Very pleasant and fair in the afternoon. Went to school. Emma had a chill. Came home this eve. Cooked supper and studied some. Minnie Courson and Mrs. Duncan were here. Very sad day at school as D.C. and Abb were both gone. Mat and I had some fun though. Dr. Simpson called tonight to see Emma. Very cold and am feeling tired and lonely, also sad so will retire. Wonder if I'm ever thought of in the hour of prayer. Lillie Dale.

October 4, 1893

Went to school. Good lessons. Went back to school by Edna's. Came home this eve. Got a letter from Cousin Addie, my darling cousin. Wrote to him also, but didn't finish it. Went to Mrs. Simpson's and Edna's. Georgia Brymer came to spend the night with me. Helped about supper. Georgia, Kate and I went to p.m. Had a nice time. Mr. Boman and Annie Crain were there. Boman was with chum Mat. Emma had another chill. Papa very sick tonight. Georgia and I anticipate better time yet if the sick are better.

October 5, 1893

Very lovely day, went to school, but came home at recess, then went back. I was sick at noon and didn't go back till 4 o'clock. Chum Beulah came over after I returned from school. Wrote a note to Mattie at noon. Mrs. Campbell spent the eve with me. Yes, I went to Mrs. Campbell's at noon and Simpson's as I returned from school. Studied my lessons awhile, then after supper went to sleep. Closed for the day. Emma had a chill.

October 29, 1893

Ate nuts and read all the forenoon and in the eve went to S.S. and after Sabbath School Beulah and Mr. Callaway, Stanch and myself went home with Mat and Ora Griswold and all went and ate, came and had such a jolly time. Came home and went to Mrs. Simpson's awhile and home again and reading chapter and prayer. Closed happy day.

October 30, 1893

Picked cotton all the morn. Em and I then in the afternoon went to Minnie Coursons and back by Annie Crain and home. Got wood and cooked supper. Received letter from my little Norman containing a lovely scarf pin very much appreciated. Read chapter and off to rest.

October 31, 1893

Studied physiology and hygiene and geography. In the eve went over to see chum Beulah and had nice time reading letters from her…….. Beulah called also in the morn and in the eve Mrs. Duncan and Grandma Simpson called. Got up wood for Papa. Cooked supper and wrote to cousin Blanche. Read chapter in Bible and prayed sweet Jesus to help me to be a "dood" little child and someday take the heavy responsibility that is now resting one the weary shoulders of my dear father.

November 1, 1893

Studied some. Very beautiful and lovely day. In the eve sent Mat Griswold a note by Emma. Papa sick. Went to p.m. Had a nice time. It is useless to say how much I enjoyed p.m. Beut. And Mr. Calloway were there. Prayed to save my sweet and dear friend and sinners that need the prayers of Christian people. I hope the prayers of a sad but truthful schoolgirl will be answered.

November 2, 1893

Washed, cooked and arranged…… and worked for the day in the forenoon. Washed and scoured in the eve. Scoured more and Mrs. Duncan called. Emma and I went hickory nut hunting. Minnie Courson and Mat Smith called. Cooked supper, washed dishes. Read chapter in the Best of All Books (the Bible), said prayers and that closed the duties of the day. Oh yes, went to Dr. Simpson's after supper.

November 3, 1893

Ironed and went to Mrs. Simpson's and Campbell's. Then went over to Mrs. Griswold's to see if they would sign our petition that we had gotten up to get the …….stopped. Oh Jesus, may ………….

November 4, 1893

Rained all day till noon. Didn't get home until 10 a.m. Mama went over that way after corn and I went home with her and stayed until Papa got back. Then went to Minnie C. and Mrs Wheat's to see about the petition. Then Min went one end of town with it and I the other. Well, supper and usual duty. Georgia Brymer spent the night with me.

November 5, 1893

Went to Bearhouse to the quarterly meeting. Rode horseback with Mat G. And Mrs. Ogden. Went to Mr. Howell's for dinner. Came home and went to Mrs. Simpson's and met Mr. Gaston from Collins. Am stuck with the church and Bro. A.O. Evans preaching excellent sermon. Mat and I …………

November 7, 1893

Went to school, got along exceedingly well. Very few pupils and lonely indeed. Went to Mrs. Campbell's to see Mr. Jim as he cut his hand to pieces in gin saw. Came home and studied until bedtime and then prayer closed by duties for the day.

November 8, 1893

Very lovely day. Went to school and had very good lessons.. In the eve went over to see how Mr.Jim was getting along. Then studied all the eve. Washed dishes and off to bed..Oh but I went to p.m. Chum Boots was there and how sweet she looked.

November 9, 1893

Very beautiful day. Went to school and came home at recess in the afternoon. Went up town trading. Got me a new dress. Swept yards and ate hickory nuts until supper. Then washed dishes, read chapter, and then off to bed.

November 10, 1893

Not a cloud to be seen. In the forenoon washed (didn't go to school) and made part of my dress. Scoured and then "togged up" and went over to see how Jim was, then over to chum Beulah's and she came part way home with me. Then after supper went to Mrs. Campbell's a few moments and then back and off to bed.

November 11, 1893

Scoured, ironed, swept yards, finished my dress. Went to Mrs. Wilcoxin's after sleeve pattern. Uncle "Buck" called and at noon chum Boots called………invited me over as they were looking for Miss Jessie Calloway, but she didn't come and Willie Duncan brought me a sweet letter after supper from chum Boots, stating that she couldn't come to spend the night with me. Answered it, of course, and off to bed.

November 12, 1893

Not a cloud appeared and chum Boots called and we went over and called on Mr. Jim and Misses Annie Killian and Ellie Jackson. I went on home with Beulah and stayed all day as she was to leave in the eve to teach school and I met Mr. Sharp. He is quite handsome and oh, someone else was ever so cute. Well, I took my departure at 2 p.m. and S.S. Went to S.S. and Messrs. Otis and Bob McDougald, Y. M. Lloyd, Wiley Campbell, Guss Gammil and Jim Lloyd came home with me from S.S. and after the boys left Ella Box and I went over to see how Jim was. I came home and went to church and Bro. Duncan preached good sermon. Back home to rest.

November 13, 1893

Went to school. Had good lessons. Not so lonely as we had more pupils. From school…..and Duncan was here and to my wonderful surprise had received aa letter from J.W.D. Washed dishes, studied some and off to bed.

November 14, 1893

To school and the same duties as usual. Rained all day and didn't get to school until after dinner.

November 15, 1893

Very lovely day. Went to school. Misses Ann K. And Ellie J. came to school. Came home in the eve and went over to see Jim and back to p.m. Called by Mrs Simpson's and Miss Andrews went with me. Came home and off to restly retiring. Thought of all in hour of prayer.

November 16, 1893

Went to school. Mama sick. Good lessons. In the eve went over to Mrs. Campbell's to see Georgia Brymer. After supper Mat G. and Ella Box called and about 11 o'clock Georgia B. and Ella Box came over to sleep as they were sitting up with Jim.

November 17, 1893

To school in the forenoon. Mr. Bardin called about noon. Washed and scoured in the afternoon and went to Mrs. Campbell's and Simpson's. Home and Mama sick with her head. Had nice chat with Mr. Bardin. He looked very cute and handsome, of course. Well, my usual duties. Closed the day's trials and crosses and one more night off to rest. Lillie Dale.

November 18, 1893

Cooked breakfast. Scoured, ironed, swept yards and sewed until 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Then Minnie Courson called. Also, Georgia Brymer and Ora Griswold. Then after they left went over to Mrs. Duncan's and chum Beulah came part of the way home with me. Ate supper, washed disher and off to bed.

November 19, 1893

Not a cloud seen all day. The sky was clear and everything was happy and joyful, but to our sorrowful regret Mr. Rosemond came over at 9 a.m. to get Papa to make a coffin for Mr. Ward's little baby that took its departure to a brighter world where all is love. I had to help Papa on the coffin and Georgia and Orelia came, then we all helped Papa. About 11 a.m. my darling, sweet chum Beulah, Mary Lowry, Mr. Calloway and Stanch Duncan called. They left before dinner but G. and O. stayed until after dinner, then they left and I got ready and went to S.S. Went by Mrs. Simpson's and there met chum Boots to singing. She gave us some sweet…..someone looked so nice and sweet. Then I came home, fixed supper and they studied my lessons. Mama is sick and so is Emma as she had another chill. Many happy days and hours spent with that darling girl Beulah. One thing if I just could realize whether she loved me or not. O, Jesus help me to be faithful and true and help me to take more interest in all of my studies that I may be worthy of higher positions in life. One prayer for all my darling friends and loved ones and off to rest trusting in Jesus.

November 20, 1893

Very cloudy and drizzling rainy day. Went to school in the afternoon to my joyful surprise my darling sweet Mattie came back to go to school. She came home with me from school and then I went home with…….one was there (Mrs. Duncan, I mean)….on home after having a sweet chat ……..dear girl. Received letter from …..Stephens and they went over to Mrs. Campbell's and back home, ate supper, washed dishes and studied my lessons, etc, etc.Mama and Emma both sick. I am once more a happy girl as Mat has come back.

November 21, 1893

Went to school. Had a nice time with Mat. R. We talked over our secrets, etc. Had extra good lessons. After school studied hard until supper, then ate and washed dishes. Then studied until 9 o'clock then I retired thinking of ones far away. Answered Grandma's letter.

November 22, 1893

Very lovely and pleasant day. Went to school. Mat and I studied very hard. After school I called on Mrs. Simpson and then over to Mrs. Campbell's . I finished my letter to Grandma Stephens. Came home and got ready for p.m. Mat Griswold came to stay all night with me. We had best time at p.m. Had quite a chat with Mr. Barden. My sweet Mattie R. and the Dr. C. were together. Came back and Mat G. and I had chat and then retired.

November 23, 1893

Very pleasant day. As usual went to school. In the eve after school I went over to Mrs. Duncan's and Misses Ellie Jackson, Anne Killlian and Mat all had quite a race as I came home. I studied then until 9 o'clock.

November 24, 1893

Thanksgiving Day. Washed before I went to school. In the eve after school I went over to Mrs. Duncan's to see chum Mattie a minute. Then home and got supper and studied as usual, a prayer and off to sleep. Wrote to my little Norman H. Sweeter than all cousins.

November 25, 1893

My dear Papa's birthday. He was 61. Scoured in the forenoon and then went to Mrs. Simpson's after dinner and swept the church and swept my yard. Then Mrs. S's again and to Mrs. Campbell's and then my darling Mat called and went to the drug store with her. Then home and cooked supper. After supper my two sweet chums called, Beulah and Mat, also….Duncan and Beldon Wheat. We had quite a time. No better girls than Boots and Mat to my notion. Mrs. Duncan called in the forenoon. Read chapter in my Bible and off to bed. Received letters from cousins Vira Hundley, Mamie and Tommie Crow.

December 6, 1893

Went to school. Very cold and cloudy and also drizzled rain all day. Late in the eve it quit raining and we all went to p.m. Chum Mat wasn't there. I, of course, was disappointed but under the circumstances had quite a nice time. But, Oh I forgot. I went after the mail and received a lovely writing pen. Cousin Addie Hundley sent it to me. It was just lovely. Came home from p.m. and got all of my lessons and off to rest.

December 7, 1893

Went to school. Mat and I laughed good many times during books. Not a cloud to be seen. The sun shone brightly all day. Mat didn't come back to school in the eve so after school I went over to see her. Had to hurry home as Misses Ellie Jackson and Ann Killian were to call. They came and we had quite a pleasant time. Studied my lessons and one prayer and to a land of dreams.

December 8, 1893

Washed. Helped Mama and then went to school and got there before books. Had a pleasant day and Mat and I studied had all day. Also went over to Mrs. Campbell's and fixed our Missionary books. Wrote to cousin Addie 12 pages long and off to rest. Received letter from cousin Blanch and Mrs. Simpson called.

December 9, 1893

Sewed all the forenoon. In the afternoon swept yard. Cleaned up generally. Mat called also Mrs. Duncan, Grandma Simpson and Miss Lula Andrews called. Mr. J. Campbell came to see if we would let them have a singing, but not so. Mr. Barden and Jim came back to see if I would go to singing with Dr. Callaway at Mrs. Franklin's. I went and we stayed until 11 o'clock. Had a nice time but believe I regret going as Dr. seemed so blue that I don't think he enjoyed himself at all but such is life. Off to bed.

December 10, 1893

Oh, such a beautiful, lovely day. Not a cloud appeared all day. But oh, how sad I've been today. Helped about the household affairs, then wrote a letter to cousin Vira. After dinner Ebbie and I got our rockers and sat out in the warm sunshine and sang awhile. I could think of nothing that could cheer me. I began studying and I was doomed to think of dear friends If I just could realize some things how happy I would be. I didn't go to S.S. because I was sad and lonely at heart. It seemed as though my heart would melt. Why are we doomed to such? But such is life. Mrs. Lula Knight called also Mattie Smith and Mary Lowry. After S.S. Mattie Griswold came by for me to stay all night and go to singing but I was too sad. As I saw someone passing the streets I thought of what had passed the night before. I have wished, longed, and looked for my sweet Mattie R. to come, but alas, not yet has she come. I feel that her sweet voice and kind words would cheer me but it seems a prudential hindrence that I could not talk with her today. Oh, Jesus, save my darling friends. I live to cheer the sad if this thy will. Help those that are making an effort to make accomplished men and women of themselves. Help me that I may be a pure Christian girl everyday and cheer any lonely heart. Read chapter in Bible and prayers and off to bed. As I sit alone this eve my eyes were filled with tears.

December 11, 1893

Went to school. Mat and I were both sad and lonely all day. Our hearts seemed as if they were crushed. I never spent such a day, but had very good lessons. Mat came by as she came from school and we had a chat. In the evening I was so sick and I felt sad, heartbroken, and forsaken, being sick, felt worse, of course. Studied some and useless to say what a sad day I spent.

December 12, 1893

Went to school. Mat and I had good lessons. I came home at recess and got some medicine as I was yet sick. Came home at noon and Ora Griswold was here and took dinner. Mat R. Came by and we went to the store. Mr. John Beavers escorted us from the store to Mrs. Duncan's. I came home, had supper, studied by lessons and all had a pleasant time laughing after supper. Read chapter in my Bible and a prayer and off to rest. Cold and cloudy.

December 13, 1893

Went to school. My sweet Mat and I were blue all day, sad at heart thinking of L.F.C. I came home from school and received letters from J. W. Duncan and cousin Norman Henley. Went over to Mrs. Duncan's for Mat to read them. Came home lonely and sad.. Went to p.m. saw someone sure but did me no good. Studied my lessons and prayer and to rest.

December 14, 1893

Went to school. My heart was glad at some good news, my sweet Mattie told me. Oh, Mat is the joy of my life. After school went to Prof. Killians after the question book. Home and prayers and off to bed.

December 15, 1893

Didn't go to school. Washed and scoured in the morn. At noon Mat came by and we had a sweet chat. Went to Mrs. Simpson's and help bake missionary cakes. Over to Mrs. Duncan's to bid my own. Mattie said goodby as she was going home. We sure had a sweet chat. How I love her. By the office and got a letter from cousin Tom Crow. Back to Mrs. Simpson's and then home. I hope to see my own sweet Mattie soon. She told me so many good things today. Cloudy and thundery. How gloomy angry the clouds look. Oh, God save us tonight. I am sad and lonely.

December 16, 1893

Ironed, swept yards and sewed and helped about household affairs generally. Went to see Mrs. Campbell at noon and then to Mrs. Simpson's. Got Miss Lula Andrews to help me sweep the church. She (Lula) came home with me and stayed awhile. Then I went to see Minnie Courson and oh, the nice potatoes she treated me to. Came back by the gate at Mrs. Wheat's and chatted with Miss May Wheat. She invited me to candy breaking there that night. Well, just as I returned home Mr. Tom Gammel brought me a card from Dr. Calloway to escort me to the candy breaking. Of course, I accepted with pleasure. Then I received an invitation to the breaking. Well, Dr. C. came and he seemed awful blue. I received nice compliments of course. I didn't enjoy myself so well. I chatted with Mr. Morrell Sharrah of Portland. Dr. C. chatted with Miss May Wheat. I was so blue but who cared? How can I ever believe anyone? They are so hateful. My, my! The deceit in the world…. Didn't go to sleep until late. Such a lovely night. How beautiful coming home in the moonlight. We talked of, well, I can't tell or express opinions now. Off to rest after a prayer.

December 17, 1893

Not a cloud appeared all day. The sky was blue and clear. The cold wind blew furiously and seemed as if it were from an iceberg. Misses Mattie Griswold and May Wheat called. Em and I went down to Mrs. Wheat's after Kittie Wheat with Mat and May. From there we went to church. My best fellow was there. Also chum Beulah. Dr. C. and B. tried to get me to go home with them to dinner but I didn't go. Went to S. S. Dr. C. was there with May. Had good lesson, of course. Went home with Beulah awhile. Mr. Barden and Dr. C. were there. Came home alone. Ora Griswold was here awhile. Went to church tonight. My fellow (Dr.) was with Anna Stanly but no jealous feelings aroused whatever. Miss Beulah, Messrs. Bardin and Calloway also. Was very blue so I didn't tarry long. Oh, I forgot to mention in yesterday's discourse that my little sweetheart Abb White was in town. He looked as sweet as ever.. I didn't get to speak to him and of course, I was blue. Came home from church and prayer and off to bed. Bro Duncan preached.

December 18, 1893

Very beautiful day. Went to school, but my sweet and darling Mattie R. wasn't there. How I miss that darling girl. It seems as though some one was dead. No sweet Mattie to converse with no one to tell my secrets to. Oh, how sad and lonely I am. I feel so lonely tonight. Went to Mrs. Simpson's before school and also to Mrs. Campbell's. After school went to give Dr. Siimpson some S.S. money at the Dr.'s. Then to the office after the mail but it hadn't come. As I came back saw Dr. C. In the drug store door. Well, of course, my heart beat wildly and delightfully. Studied my history and grammar lessons. Mama and Em not very well. How blue I feel! I could cry, feel as though no one cares for me, but such is life. It is a pity we girls ever thought of anything but books. Em received a letter from Aunt Mary. Well, tonight was my night to lead in prayers which I did. I go to bed tonight with a sad heart. Oh, could I see my sweet chum Mat. She would cheer me so.

December 19, 1893

Very beautiful day. Went to school. Came home at recess in the forenoon and got something to eat. Mrs. Campbell called at noon. At noon as I went out to crack some hickory nuts, I looked and behold, saw the Dr. This eve after school I just couldn't study very hard for I – well, I just don't know what was the matter. I went out in the sunshine and Ebbie and I had a chat. Ate supper and studied some and prayers and off to bed.

December 20, 1893 Went to school in the forenoon. Didn't go in the afternoon. Went and called on Miss Ann Killian and got some flowers. Minnie Courson spent the eve here. Received lot of nice books from cousin Addie Hundley. Went to p.m. "Somebody" wasn't there but had nice time just the same. Came home and read in my new book until late. Then off to bed to rest and dream sweet dreams.

December 21, 1893

Roused bright and early. Such a lovely day. Washed and scoured Mama's room. After dinner went to Mrs. Simpson's, when lo and behold we were in the smokehouse looking at lard and to my regretted surprise as I turned there stood Dr. Calloway. I wasn't togged up much but Miss Lula and I went in to meet her cousin, Mr. Gardener. I was very much pleased with his appearance. Had quite a chat. Dr. C. didn't tarry long. From there I went to Minnie Courson's and back by way of Mrs. Simpson's and helped make icing for missionary cakes. After supper went back and helped Mrs. S. and Lula ice them. After I came home at …o'clock I sewed some and read about the World's Fair. I am very sleepy so must retire. Farewell for tonight. How bright the moonlight is.

December 22. 1893

Everything is happy. Not a cloud to be seen. First I scoured then ironed until noon. In the eve scoured again. Re-crimped my window curtains, baked some cakes and went to Mrs. Simpson's to get some eggs but failed. Drawed 6 buckets of water, swept the yards and read about the White City, Chicago. Extra touch on the word "Chicago" Christmas will soon be at hand and old Santa will visit the wee little folks. Ah me, my heart beat wildly in its delightful career as I saw someone on the streets this lovely afternoon. Ah nonsense, read some and a prayer and off to rest. Oh sweet rest, how happy. Goodnight. Thinking of Mat.

December 23, 1893

Helped Mama cook some for Xmas in the forenoon. In the eve went to Mrs. Simpson's twice Washed some. Miss Lula Andrews called in the eve. Received invitation to the children's Xmas tree at Mrs. Duncan's but didn't participate. Fixed the children off to the tree. They returned at 9 p.m. Received lovely hat pin from Beldon Wheat on the tree. Also, some candy. Swept the yard and studied some. The last thing was to read chapter and had prayers as usual and off to bed.

December 24, 1893

Christmas Eve. Very lovely day. The sky was clear. Went and called on Miss L. Andrews and stayed until 11 a..m. Came home and got dinner. Went by Miss Lula's and on to S.S. We didn't have an S. S. So Lula came back with me. Well, later L. and O. and Emma and I went walking. Lula came back with me and Mrs. Wilcoxin called. Mr. Barden and Beulah called also May Wheat. May came after me to spend the night with her, but I went down to Mrs.Wheats. She came back and spent the night with me. Had best time and didn't go to bed until 2 o'clock. Rained nearly all night long but my, my. I had the blues most awfully until I went to sleep. Then I was thinking of someone far away. Dr. C. and Stanley ….soon this morn.

December 25, 1893

Christmas Day. Pleasant and lovely day. We got up early. The children all were merry as old Santa had come. It was very gloomy but after sunrise the sky was clear. May Wheat left early this morn. Mr. Barden called at 9 o'clock and he and Papa drank eggnog and of course we passed the cake. Sorry to say Papa drank some eggnog. Mr. Killian called and we treated him also. Went over to Mrs. Simpson's about 11 a.m. Prof. Killian, Mr. Barden, Misses Beulah Duncan and Lula Andrews came and took Christmas dinner with us. We had quite a jolly time after dinner. Prof. Killian entertained us girls until 2 p.m. The Minnie Courson and Allie Bethune called. Also, Georgia Brymer and Orelia Courson. Later Mr. Jim Campbell and Bob Mosely called. Then all the girls called on Mrs. Campbell and then we went home with Beulah awhile. Georgia and Orelia stayed all night with me as we had a social chat after supper. We simply had a grand time. Got acquainted with Messrs. Jones and Mosely. I was "blue" for my best fellow was not there. (Dr. C. I mean) Chatted with Mr. Barden and all of them. Papa treated to cake and then the boys treated to candy and apples. Oh, we had such a grand time. Went to Mrs. Simpson's late in the eve. Was very lonely for a few moments until the crowd came. We had several games such as thimble, etc. After crowd dispersed Georgia, Orelia and myself and Em had a pleasant chat. Off to bed. Never enjoyed a day better in my life. Prayers for all those enjoyments and thought of my darling far, far away. Lillie Dale.

December 28, 1893

Very gloomy and cloudy all day. Called on chum Beulah in the forenoon for a few moments. Ate nuts til noon. Lula Andrews called in the eve. Went home with her and met Sister Colson, preachers wife. Wiley Campbell called. Rec. card to attend social at R.M. Courson's. Didn't go. Rec. card to Xmas tree at Charlie Knight's, didn't go. Mrs. Simpson called. Rec. lots of flowers from Mrs. Minnie Duncan. Very blue. How lonely. Saw someone in the streets for all the good it will ever do. So sleepy and tired, prayer and off to rest.

December 29, 1893

Very sick. Sick all day. Dr. Simpson called to see me. In bed all the morning. In the eve Minnie Courson and Georgia Brymer came to sew. Miss Minnie Duncan and chum Beulah callled. B. and I had a sweet old chat. Also, Georgia and I. Uncle Jack called after supper, but I was in bed. Oh, how sick and blue I was. Seemed as though no one cared for me.. Uncle Frank Harville's house burned on Thursday. Wiley Campbell gave us some squirrels in the eve which was nice for a poor little sick girl. Had prayers and retired.

December 30, 1893

Very gloomy day until noon. Was feeling some better, but oh, how sick!! Sat around the fire until noon. Miss Lula Andrews called. In the eve Mr. Jim Campbell and Young Lloyd and Georgia Brymer called. Went with Mrs. Campbell to Mrs. Simpson's. From there went over to call on chum Beulah. We had a private chat. While there Dr. C. came in. I then took my departure. Swept yards and ironed some. Feeling considerably better. Willie Colson spent the night with us. Togged up much as I was looking for chum Boots, etc. but she didn't come A prayer and off to rest.

December 31, 1893

Not a cloud appeared. Went to church at 11. Bro Duncan preached. Went by Mrs. Simpson's. Lula and I went to S.S. My "best" was there. Chum Beulah, Dr. Calloway and Lua came home with me. Chatted Dr. much. After supper Lula, Em, Eb, Papa and I all went to Mrs. Ducan's to have some music. Had best time. Jim Campbell came home with us. Lula spent the night with me. Mr. Jim stayed until 12 o'clock, reason to watch the new year come in. I never heard a better talk Mr. Jim gave us two girls. We certainly had a best time. Tonight is one long to be remembered. Such good advice as that boy gave us! We sat over 3 little chunks of fire and oh, what a good, sweet chat we 3 had. Oh, could I realize some things Jim said. I hope to always

remember this as one happy night. How Happy.

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