This past summer Hamburg High School students were successful in raising their ACT scores because of a program offered by the school.

The College Preparatory Enrichment Program, a four week long eighty hour program, is designed to improve ACT scores in each individual subjects of English, math, reading, and science. Teresa Martin taught math, Patti Meeks taught science, and Cheryl Whaley taught reading and English.

The18 students who attended and completed the program were Tara Vail, Jordan Gilliam, Chase Higginbotham, Daniel Meeks, Haley Knight, Spencer Hartley, Elmaz Bendinelli, Cody Weatherly, Derek Johnson, Farrah Dixon, Caitlin O'Neal, Shelby Streeter, Taylor McLain, Tyler Stafford, Hunter Stafford, Hunter Smith, Ethan Wells, Johnatan Pounds, and Gage Rice.

The program received $23,140 this year for supplies. The teachers bought calculators, teaching supplies, and updated versions of ACT Prep books. The last time HHS bought new supplies was over ten years ago. In the past years the school has only received $5,000 to help with the program. At the end of the program, each student took the free ACT test that was offered.

Thirteen of the students increased their score in English. The increase ranged from a one point increase to three students who raised their score five points. Eight of the students increased their score in math. The increase ranged from two points to one person increasing six points. Eleven students increased their score in reading. The range was from three people increasing one point and one person increasing ten points. Ten students increased their score in science. The increase ranged from four people increasing one point and one person increasing eight points. A total of eleven students increased their composite score.

The students were happy to see their scores improve during the summer. Tara Vail said, "I'm glad I participated in CPEP this summer. It brought my composite score up two points!"

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