Hamburg High School's enrollment of students in Advanced Placement classes has increased in number since the school received the new prestigious Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, AAIMS, Grant. The AAIMS Grant offers new incentives for the enrolled AP students this year. For every score of 3, 4, and 5 on the AP test, a student can receive $100.

Another incentive that has increased the number of students in AP classes is the requirements for 2 AP classes with the 3.75 grade point average to be an honor graduate. Other incentives include AP students being recognized at graduation and weighted AP classes in which an A is 5 points; B is 4; and C is 3 points. This incentive raises the average grade point of AP students.

New AP classes have been added to HHS. These classes are calculus, statistics, and chemistry. Theresa Martin teaches statistics, Shelvia Ross teaches calculus, and Lonni Davis instructs chemistry. Martin has eighteen students in AP Statistics, and Ross has 4 students in AP calculus. There are 15 students in Davis's AP Chemistry class. Last year, Nick Adams had 12 students in his AP World History class. This year, he has 66 students and three separate classes. Patti Meeks went from 8 students in her AP Biology class to 29 students this school year. The AP Government class instructed by Connie Rodgers had 12 students enrolled last year. This year, she has 32 students. The AP Language class expanded from 9 students last year, to 46 this year. There are two separate teachers for that class now, Carol Moyers and Mary Ellen Givens. Moyers also teaches AP Literature. Her class went from four students to nine students this year. Nick Adams is the AAIMS Grant Coordinator for Hamburg High School.

The training for the AP classes began in the summer. All high school AP and pre AP teachers attended at least a one week summer institute, and those who are part of the AAIMS Grant, attended at least another four days.

In order to continue to receive the AAIMS grant, Hamburg will have to meet certain thresholds set by the grant committee. A major threshold is that students must pass 35 Advanced Placement exams in 2010.

Teachers and students are both extremely excited about the increased number of students in AP classes. Senior, Ravione Miller is currently taking AP Biology and AP Government. She stated, "AP classes are very fun and give a positive outlook on the students at HHS; it makes me proud to know students are eager about learning and willing to step up to the challenge."

Patti Meeks agreed, "AAIMS is certainly preparing us, and I think that we will be successful this year."

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