Liz Pratt, Ethan Wells Win Seats In All Region Choir Competition

Liz Pratt and Ethan Wells

Two Hamburg High School students won a chair at All-Region Choir contest. Liz Pratt, a senior, got thirteenth chair alto two, and Ethan Wells, a junior, got fourth chair bass one.

Hamburg had nine students that competed in the regional event that took place in White Hall on October 17: Liz Pratt, Ethan Wells, Rachel Pratt, Sophie Guethe, Haley Berry, Leslie Riley, Greg Carter, Lindsey Morphis, and Dezi Marcetic.

Fifteen schools in Southeast Arkansas participated in the four categories: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. The students had to learn four songs to sing from their category.

Some of the songs they had to choose from were The Best of All Possible Worlds, Worthy to be Praised, and Psalm 43, a German song. The song only for guys was Goin Up to Glory, and the girls' song was in Latin, Ave Verum Corpis.

Wells, who has qualified for All-State Choir, stated, "I'm really glad I made as good of a chair as I did. I was really nervous considering I was in the first group that sang." Pratt has possibly qualified, but she will have to wait on the results from the judges to see how many people from the second alto group they will let in. She felt good about how the event went; she stated "It was a lot of fun. I'm so excited to have made the choir!" The concert for All-Region Choir will be at Drew Central November 21.

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