This year's leadership class has begun one of their big projects for this year. They are sponsoring a time capsule for the senior class that will be pulled out and shown at their ten year reunion. Anyone in the community can contribute to it by bringing pictures, artifacts, videos, newspaper clippings, and more. The class divided themselves into five committees with a chairman and other members of the class.

One important committee is the newspaper committee, headed by Daniel Meeks. The members in this committee get newspaper articles from the present and past of the senior class, laminate them, and put them on posters. Other members of this committee include Cody Weatherly, Erin Selby, Shay McPherson, and Virginia White.

Another committee is the artifacts committee, headed by Spencer Hartley. The members of the class in this committee get yearbooks, prom favors, programs, and other artifacts and store it so it can be pulled out and remembered ten years from now. Other members in this group are Chase Higginbotham, Eric Zeigler, and Quayshonda Mills. Quayshonda really loves this project; she stated, "I think that the time capsule is a great idea because it will give us a chance to see how we were in high school. It will also give us a chance to see our senior year."

The video committee is lead by A.J. Riels. His group uses a video camera to capture students in activities, during classes, pep rallies, ball games, and many other activities that happen during this year. Other members in this committee include Bryan Allen, Steven Martin, and Caitlin O'Neal.

Another important committee is the picture group, headed by Kristin Morris. This committee takes pictures from this year and the past. The pictures can be scanned and returned to its owner if the public will lend pictures to the class. The pictures will all be put on a CD for the slide show in the next committee. Other members of the class in this group are Stephanie Craig, Haley Rice, and Ferrin Douglas.

The slide show committee is headed by Shelby Streeter. This committee gathers the pictures that were collected by the picture committee and puts them into a slide show for the senior class. The slide show will contain information about every student that graduates this year. The other members of this group include Kaitlyn Smith, Farrah Dixon, Jordan Gilliam, and Ravione Miller. Gilliam, who agrees with the rest of the class, stated, "This project is a great idea, and I can't wait to see it all come together."

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