Leadership Class Visits Noble to Discuss Drugs, Red Ribbon Week

Two students take the no drugs pledge at Noble Elementary.

The Hamburg High School leadership class went to Noble Elementary for Red Ribbon Week to talk about drug awareness.

The class was split up into four groups and were sent to six different classes.

The leadership groups started out by introducing themselves to the students and teaching chants for the students to repeat that echoed drug awareness. After the chants the small groups gave out drug awareness pencils to each student in the class. Then, the two boys from each group did a skit to explain why drugs are harmful and dangerous. One of the boys mocked the character of "drugs," and in the middle of his talk to the kids about how drugs were great, the other boy dressed as a football player came and tackled "drugs." The football player explained, "If you want to be a football player like me, don't do drugs!"

Spencer Hartley was one of the group's "drug" characters during the skit. Hartley believes what the leadership class did will make an impact and enjoyed seeing his elementary school teachers. He said, "It was an awesome experience to get to go to Noble Elementary School and make an impact on the younger kids about the use of drugs. It was also nice getting to see past teachers who were very happy to see us as seniors in high school."

Jordan Gilliam enjoyed seeing the elementary students and their reaction to the high school students' telling them the importance of being drug free. She explained, "I really enjoyed seeing all the kids' faces when our class was telling them about being drug free."

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