Leadership Class Visits Noble to Discuss Drugs, Red Ribbon Week

Two students take the no drugs pledge at Noble Elementary.

Six students have been selected as the first nine weeks' Good Citizens. Students receiving this honor are seniors Caitlin O'Neal and Steven Martin; juniors Mikiko Joiner and Ethan Wells, and sophomores Christina Patton and Mark Pill.

The students were pleased to be chosen as the first Good Citizens of the year. Joiner said, "It is an honor, and I am very excited!" Wells agreed, "It's very exciting being chosen. It feels good to be recognized for hard work."

Teachers nominate students for this prestigious award, and then the Student Council and teachers vote for the finalists.

The teachers are proud that Hamburg High School has students who have the character to be selected as Good Citizens. Shelvia Ross, who teachers mathematics, stated, "Being a Good Citizen is an honor for any student in today's society. As a faculty, we are proud of our good citizens."

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