FLBA Selects Officers for the Year

This year's FBLA officers include Weston Clark, Brandi Sadler, and Christina Patton.

The Future Business Leaders of America officers for this year are president, Brandi Sadler; secretary, Christina Patton; treasurer, Anna Hampton; parliamentarian, Cassandra Pollock; and Student Council representative, Chasity Childress. These students must be taking or have taken business classes to qualify for being a part of FBLA. The purpose of FBLA is to teach students how to manage a business career and learn how to be smart with the income they will make in their future career.

Brandi Sadler, the FBLA's president this year, is a senior at Hamburg High School. Sadler joined FBLA to one day be a successful business leader. She said, "I wanted to learn how to lead to one day be able to run a successful business." Sadler has taken accounting for her business class. To Brandi, FBLA teaches her how to manage her expenses and helps her learn how to work accounts.

Anna Hampton is the new treasurer for the up-coming school year and is a junior at HHS. Hampton joined FBLA to learn how to manage her future finances and learn how to be a leader. She said that she wanted "to learn more about business and how to manage my personal money and to take on the great responsibility of being a leader." Hampton is currently taking a computer business applications class. According to Hampton, FBLA teaches a student a lot about business.

FBLA's parliamentarian this year is Christina Patton, a sophomore at HHS. Patton is in FBLA because she wanted to learn more about the business world. She said, "It is interesting to have an insight as to what people do in that specific area of a group or organization." Patton is taking CBA for her business class. Patton believes FBLA prepares students for the business world, and this preparedness can only give her an advantage in the future.

The sponsors for this year's FBLA are Kim Veazey and Betty McDill.

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