Director Stresses Importance of Students Completing AP Classes

Liz Pratt and Caleb Hennington display the AAIMS grant flag. (Photo by Kassidy Nason).

Hamburg High School students and teachers gathered in the high school auditorium Friday, September 17, to celebrate being selected for the AAIMS grant.

As the audience was seated, special guests, superintendent, Max Dyson; director of AAIMS grant, Tommie Sue Anthony; and president of school board, Dane Weindorf, were seated on the stage to commemorate the presentation of the flag ceremony. Principal Rosen began the ceremony with an overview of the Advanced Placement program. He reviewed the seniors who have become role models because of their success in AP courses the past two years. Caleb Hennington and Liz Pratt have made qualifying scores on two tests, and A.J. Riels, Kristin Morris, Augustus West, Darbi Scott, Steven Martin, and Eric Zeigler have made qualifying scores on one test.

Anthony elaborated on the importance of taking Advanced Placement classes by explaining the AAIMS grant. A total of twenty-three states applied for the grant, but only 6 were chosen. The other five participants are Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama, Connecticut, and Kentucky.

The selection was extremely competitive. Hamburg High School is one of 23 in Arkansas in the AP program and one of 143 in the nation selected.

A particularly attractive part of the grant is the personal incentive for the students. Each student who makes a 5, 4, or 3 on the spring AP exams will receive $100 each from the AAIMS grant. AP classes offered this year are world history, government, chemistry, biology, statistics, calculus, language and composition, and literature and composition.

Anthony stressed the significance of taking AP classes in high school. Students that take AP classes graduate from college more than individuals that do not. She stated that in the years of 2006-2008, freshman at four year colleges that had taken no AP classes in high school had an average GPA of 0-2.0, but students that had taken AP courses had an average GPA of 2.0-4.0.

Anthony described the process AP teachers had to take to teach their selected course. During the summer, AP and pre-AP teachers had to have 2 weeks of training.

Students enjoyed Anthony's speech about AP classes. Junior Shiakiara Childress stated, "Listening to Anthony made me proud that I'm one of only a few students in the nation that participate in the grant. It also made me proud of Hamburg High School."

Anthony presented Rosen with the AAIMS flag that will hang and represent the hard work that takes place in Hamburg High School.

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