The Hamburg High School Archery team placed eighth in the World Shoot Off Competition held in Orlando, Florida, on October 8. The students that placed the highest in the competition were Jessie Carlisle, who placed 14th, Clayton Moffatt, who placed 16th, Dustin Moffatt, who placed 26th, Matthew Sharpe, who placed 29th, and Crystal Carter, who placed 50th. The qualifiers were all 2009 students at Hamburg High School.

The other students that participated in the event were Matthew Leigh, Corey Jeffers, Nina Martin, Courtney Harville, Chris Moffatt, Kyle Oden, Marrissa Hernandez, John Burch, Sarah Blocker, Greg Kelley, Tony Carter, Trent Burnside, and Brandi Sadler.

The students were accompanied by their sponsor, David Streeter, and also by Tim Outlaw.

Streeter was happy with their success in the World Shoot Off. He said, "The students shot the best they've ever shot; to place eighth in the world was a great accomplishment."

The students were also impressed with their overall skills at the competition. Greg Kelley said, "Everyone did their best at the competition, and everyone was proud of us qualifying eighth in the world!"

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