The Hamburg High School Yearbook Staff is already hard at work on the new yearbook. Anything but Ordinary has been chosen for this year's theme.

The Yearbook Staff consists of seniors, Kaitlyn Smith and Erin Selby, co-editors, Megan Wood, Haley Rice, Caitlin O'Neal, Kristin Morris, Farrah Dixon, Jasmyn Dunbar, Daniel Meeks, Jordan Gilliam, and Ferrin Douglas, and juniors, Elmaz Bendinelli, Brooke Ferguson, and Bria Wetzler.

At the beginning of the year, the staff began to sell business ads to raise funds for the yearbook. Staff members, in groups of two, went to various businesses in Hamburg and Crossett to sell the ads. As of now, the staff is working on senior ads. Senior ads may be purchased by anyone who wishes to congratulate or give a personal message to a senior in the yearbook. Senior ad forms can be found in the HHS office or on the HHS website. All ads are due by December 7.

The yearbook staff's next project will be Who's Who. Every grade picks students for different identities. The categories include Most Outgoing, Most Talented, Most Athletic, Most Handsome/Beautiful, Most Studious, Best Personality, Best Smile, Sweetest, Class Flirt, and Class Favorite. Extra categories included only for seniors are Most Likely to Succeed and Most Likely to be Remembered. The HHS leadership class will assist the staff in handing out ballots.

Co-editor Kaitlyn Smith feels that this year's yearbook will be the best yet, "We are working hard on making our yearbook better, and I really think it will represent this year's graduating class well," she said. Co-editor Erin Selby is excited about the 2010 yearbook. "I think that this year's Yearbook Staff is very creative and will be dedicated to working hard to produce a great yearbook for the senior class of 2010," she said.

Sponsor Stephanie Bierbaum appreciates the hard work from the staff, "The Yearbook Staff has been working hard organizing the cover, developing the theme, and setting the price of the yearbook." The yearbooks will go on sale in November.

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