Public Notice Of Draft

Construction Permit

Construction Permit Number AR0001210C, AFIN 02-00013

This is to give notice that the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Office of Water Quality, 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118-5317 at telephone number (501) 682-0623, proposes a draft construction permit for which an application was received on January 11, 2019, in accordance with Arkansas Pollution Control & Ecology Commission (APC&EC) Regulation No. 6.

Applicant: Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LLC - Crossett Paper Operations, 100 Mill Supply Road, Crossett, AR 71635, Going west on Highway 82 from the papermill, go approximately 1 mile before turning left on Texas Avenue. Go approximately 2 miles and turn right. Proceed approximately 1 mile, turn right towards the primary clarifier.; Latitude: 33° 08’ 30”; Longitude: 91° 58’ 12” in Ashley County, Arkansas.

The receiving waters for this facility’s Outfall 001 are described in modified NPDES Permit No. AR0001210, issued on October 16, 2015, with an effective date of October 30, 2015, as the upper reaches of Mossy Lake, then into Coffee Creek, then into the Ouachita River in Segment 2D of the Ouachita River Basin. During flooded conditions the receiving waters for this facility are the Ouachita River in Segment 2D of the Ouachita River Basin.

The construction will include five (5) 25-hp brush aerators in the channel upstream of the aerated stabilization basin (ASB). The existing treatment system includes the following: screening followed by primary clarification, equalization, ASB with solids settling, sludge dewatering, chemical addition (of hydrogen peroxide and iron catalyst at multiple locations), chemical addition of iron salts at the ASB, and the Mossy Lake treatment unit.  The permittee may move the points at which the chemicals are applied without modifying the NPDES permit if Department approval is received.  The design flow will not change as a result of the construction activities authorized under this permit.

Citizens wishing to examine or obtain copies of the permit application, the draft permitting decision, or the Statement of Basis may do so at the ADEQ headquarters located at 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317. To request a hard copy of one or more of the documents to be mailed, please call (501) 682-0623. For those with Internet access, a copy of the proposed draft permit as well as the publication date may be found on the ADEQ’s website at:

Comments on the draft construction will be accepted in accordance with Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (APC&EC) Reg. 8.208. ADEQ’s contact person for submitting written comments on the draft permit, or requesting a public hearing on the draft permit, is Loretta Carstens, P.E., at the above address and telephone number or by email at

The period for submitting comments on the draft state construction permit and for requesting a public hearing shall begin on the date of publication of the public notice and end at 4:30 P.M. (Central Time) on the 30th day after the publication date. If the last day of the comment period is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the public comment period shall expire on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. For information regarding the actual publication date along with the actual date and time the comment period will end, please contact Loretta Carstens, P.E. at the above address and telephone number or by email at Public notice, comments, and hearings will be conducted in accordance with APC&EC Regulations 6.104(A)(5) [40 CFR Parts 124.10 through 124.12 by reference] and 8.207 through 8.210 (Administrative Procedures). All persons, including the permittee, who wish to comment on ADEQ’s draft permitting decision must submit written comments to ADEQ, along with their name and mailing address. A Public Hearing will be held when ADEQ finds a significant degree of public interest. After the public comment period, ADEQ will issue a final permitting decision. ADEQ will notify the applicant and each person who has submitted written comments, or requested notice of the final permitting decision. Any interested person who has submitted comments may appeal a final decision by ADEQ in accordance with the APC&EC Regulation No. 8.603.



Notice Of

Commissioner’s Sale

Notice Is Hereby Given, that in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decrectal order of the Circuit Court of Ashley County, made and entered on the 27th day of September, 2018, in a certain cause (NO. CV-2017-239-3) then pending therein between United States of America, acting through the Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture vs. Patricia Vazquez, the Past or Present Spouse (If Any) of Patricia Vazquez and the Tenants (If Any) of 163 Ashley 302, Hamburg, Arkansas, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public venue to the highest bidder, inside the lobby of the Ashley County Courthouse, 205 E Jefferson Street, Hamburg, Arkansas in the County of Ashley, within the hours prescribed by law for      judicial sales, on the 6th day of May, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., the following described real estate situated in Ashley County, Arkansas, to wit:

A parcel of land in the North Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 18, Township 18 South, Range 7 West, Ashley County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 18, run North along the west boundary of said forty 729.5 feet to the extension of a fence running Easterly; thence South 88 degrees 18 minutes 20 seconds East along said fence 1510.49 feet to the point of beginning; thence continue South 88 degrees 18 minutes 20 seconds East along said fence 226.99 feet; thence South parallel to the west boundary of said forty 385.80 feet to the center of Gravel Road; thence North 88 degrees 12 minutes 28 seconds West along the center of said Road 227.00 feet; thence North parallel to the west boundary of said forty 385.41 feet, back to the point of beginning.

 [the “Real Property”]. The common or street address is 163 Ashley 302, Hamburg, Arkansas.

TERMS OF SALE:  On a credit of three (3) months, the purchaser or purchasers and to execute a commercial corporate surety bond or bounds, approved by the Commissioner and counsel for United States of America, acting through The Rural Development United States Department of Agriculture, as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved surety, bearing interest at the rate of 10  percent (10%) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase monies.

Given under my hand this 28th day of March, 2019.

Vickie Stell


This sale is made subject to any and all stipulations made in the decretal Order filed of record on September 27, 2018. The Commissioner does not warrant title, boundary lines, taxes, and or improvements, if any, on this property in Ashley County, Arkansas.

Hilburn, Calhoon, Harper,

Pruniski & Calhoun, Ltd.

P.O. Box 5551

North Little Rock, AR 72119

(501) 372-0110

By: Randy L. Grice

Attorneys for United States

of America, acting through

The Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture


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