Listing compiled by Bob Cooper and posted February, 2004

Directions: From the intersection of U. S Hwy 82 west and Arkansas Hwy 169 north (West Crosset Missionary Baptist Church is located at this intersection on the west end of Crossett), go 0.8 miles to Hancock Road. Turn left on Ashley 12, Hancock Road, and go 2.8 miles to Beuland Assembly of God Church. Church will be on the left. Turn left at the church on Ashley 403 and go 0.9 miles to Jarvis Chapel Baptist Church. Turn right at the intersection and go 0.1 miles then turn left onto Ashley 293 or Cooter Road. Once on Ashley 293, go 1.2 miles and turn right onto Ashley 297 or Hawkins Road which is a gravel road. Once on Ashley 297, go 0.7 miles and there will be a gravel road on the left, Darling Road, and a woods road on the right. Turn right on the woods and go 0.6 miles, generally north and east. At this point a smaller woods road will be on the right. Turn right (South) and go about 75 feet and the cemetery will be on the left and adjacent to the woods road. Exact location is: 33 degrees 12 minutes 35 degrees North and 092 degrees 00 minutes 43 seconds West.

Note: There are two concrete block markers, one brick marker that was made with 3 courses of brick mortared together, and one marker made from a piece of petrified wood that is rather a nice piece. There are other depressions with no markers. This cemetery is in the deep woods and the road was passable. If it rains, the road will be rather difficult to travel in anything other than a four-wheeled drive vehicle. Comments can be directed to or

.Listings are alphabetical by last name, first name, birth date, death date and comments, if any.

Coates, Theodicia, 1893, 1940

Hendrix, A., 14 July 1884, 10 Jan 1948, According to Federal Census of 1900, I believe the “A.” stands for Arthur.

Hendrix, Alexander, 1837, 1917

Leopold, Clara, 1875, 1946

Leopold, James, 27 Mar 1874, 6 Jun 1958

Mote, Mary, no date, 23 Mar 1910, wife of Jordan Mote, age 70 yrs.

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