Severe storms early Saturday morning caused minor damage on the University of Arkansas–Monticello and left most residential students without power. There were no reports of injury or unsafe conditions.

Maxwell Hall, a residence hall on campus, sustained the most visible damage, as a large section of roof covering was blown off by wind, but this did not lead to damage to the rooms below. 

No serious structural effects on campus buildings were immediately identified, though a tree damaged a part of the garage at the chancellor’s residence. A number of trees and limbs all around the Monticello campus are down, and crews have been working to remove them safely since early Saturday morning. 

Students and visitors are asked to remain cautious on campus and to make an effort to stay out of the way of crews and debris, which was expected to be in large part cleared by Monday morning.

Campus dining continued providing food service during its regular hours for students living on campus. 

Any residents without power were given access to Horsfall Hall, which was operating on generator power. 

Students were considered safe and in generally good spirits.

The UAM Monticello and Crosset campuses were closed Monday, Jan. 13 due to power outage. Crossett campus was scheduled to be closed again Tuesday.

The UAM College of Technology at McGehee campus was open and holding classes.

For additional information, contact Ember Davis at (870) 460-1274.

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