Last week charges were filed against the suspect who robbed a service station in North Crossett. 

On Jan. 27, the prosecutor’s office filed a criminal information sheet stating that Brian C. Pollock was charged with aggravated robbery. The papers accused that on or about Jan. 4 Pollock, while armed with a deadly weapon, did threaten to immediately employ physical force against Chance Burchfield with the purpose to commit theft of property. Burchfield was working at E-Z Mart the night that Pollock allegedly robbed the gas station.

The offense is punishable as a Class Y offense punishable for not less than 10 years and not more than 40 years. 

According to a summons filed last week, Pollock will go before a judge on March 9.

Pollock is currently being held without bond by the Ashley County sheriff’s department as he and two others are suspects in a capital murder investigation that is on going. 

As of Monday morning, charges had not yet been filed in the murder investigation. Pollock is a minor, however, Thomas Deen, the prosecutor for the Tenth Judicial District, said that he will be charged as an adult in both cases.

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