Ashley County professional bull rider, Chase Outlaw claimed the number one spot in the world over the weekend.

Outlaw won his second Professional Bull Riders Unleash The Beast event win of this season, the Caterpillar Classic, at Sprint Arena presented by Cooper Tires in Kansas City.

Outlaw’s family says they are over the moon excited for him because they have watched him work so hard for this moment.

“He’s been so close so many times and he finally did it,” Roy Ebarb, a family member of Outlaw’s, said.

Outlaw on the other hand is remaining humble and said it is still very early in the season and he has a long way to go to the finish line.

“I’m going to ride one bull at a time and see where it gets me,” Outlaw said after his ride in Kansas City.

The same bull, named Bottoms Up, that bucked Outlaw off in Arizona in late January is the bull Outlaw managed to ride to claims last weekend’s event title. The win earned Outlaw $37,816.67 and 510 world points taking him from number four in the world to number one.

So far this year, Outlaw has won the Mason Lowe Memorial in St. Louis and placed third in the Border Patrol Invitational in Georgia.

Outlaw is now preparing to ride in the Tacoma Invitational in Washington State March 30 and 31. The championship rounds will be aired on CBS sports and the entire event will be available to stream on RIDEPASS.

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