The Hamburg school board voted last week to make changes to the district’s salary scale.

District Finance Director John Spradlin said changes to the state minimum wage and new laws about teacher salaries are driving the changes.

“Over the next four years, we are going to have a lot of changes in salary schedules,” he said.

“The way we are progressing this is, until we see what money the state is going to provide, is to meet the minimum.”

The changes come a year after the school board adopted the salary schedules, which include built-in step raises.

With the changes adopted, some of those steps will be skipped for some employees.

The district administration has spoken with the classified and certified employees, and they understand the plan, Spradlin said.

“If we see the state comes through with the money we expect, we will go ahead and do those steps built in,” he said.

When school board member Maggie Ware said she did not think it was fair that some employees who had been working longer would be getting the same pay as a starting employee, Spradlin agreed.

“I don’t like anything about it,” he said. “Financially, I don’t think we need to do (the step raises) until we see what money the state will provide.”

Superintendent Tracy Streeter said it was important to recognize that no employee was losing money in the adjustments.

“They are gaining money, they are just losing steps,” she said.

The school board also voted to lease two 77 passenger Thomas busses and one 89 passenger Thomas bus from Midwest Transit Equipment.

The lease for each 77-passenger bus is $17,000, and the 89-passenger bus is $19,000. The leases are for a three-year contract.

The district has been allocated $60,000 in enhanced transportation money, Spradlin said, and he expects the same amount next year.

“With that amount, for a three year period, we are only out $31,000,” he said.

A single new bus would cost the district approximately $110,000, he said, and the district would be responsible for its repairs.

In other news, the school district received a clean audit for its previous fiscal year.

Streeter said she wanted to thank the district’s bookkeepers and administrators in light of the audit.

“We are super excited about that,” she said. “It is very rare to have two years in a row with no findings, so I am grateful.”

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