The proposed budget, updates, and bonuses were addressed by council members during the Hamburg city council meeting on Monday, Nov. 13.

Hamburg Mayor Dane Weindorf presented the 2018 proposed budget to the council. The proposal reflects a 1.3 percent increase in revenue and a 1.6 percent increase in expenses compared to the 2017 budget. The mayor also noted that the numbers in the budget in part reflect an upward track in collections. The mayor said the budget proposal anticipates the city’s general fund at $1,082,218 with $1,063,071 in expenses.

“I projected it a tad up for next year. We are trending up on sales tax,” explained Weindorf.

The mayor said the city is going to end the year close to meeting the 2017 budget and he projected it a bit more for next year. Also included in the budget is $261,000 in new revenue created by the passage of a one-percent sales tax slated for the construction of a new fire station and improvements at Norman Park.

It was also noted that the 2018 budget was in its proposed stated and not yet approved.

During updates, the mayor gave the council information on the progress of the fire station and park improvements.

Weindorf said that the city is in the process of advertising for qualifications for engineers, architects, and construction managers. Once complete the city will select a qualified applicant for each position and begin putting things on paper and determining what the city wants to be included in the bidding process.

“Some of the work will start after the first of the year, but some of it will be next summer,” he added.