Hamburg Holidays 2019

Winners of the annual Miss Hamburg Holidays pageant with some of their 2018 counterparts are (back) Miss Hamburg Holidays 2018 Sarah Pennington, Miss Hamburg Holidays 2019 Makaylee Neal, Junior Miss Hamburg Holidays 2018 Kelsey Mcdougald, Little Miss 2019 Natalie Barnett, Junior Miss 2019 Alli Cathey, Teen Miss 2019 Kaiden Hale, Teen Miss 2018 Lexie Ruth Freeman, Teen Miss Ashley County 2019 EverRose Minor, (front) Toddler Miss 2019 Jenna Faith Stanley, Pixie Miss 2019 Mallory Gifford, Baby Miss 2019 Mikka Jennings, Sassy Miss 2019 Amy Rae Maxwell, and Tiny Miss 2019 Ava Allison.