Family Treasure

A family’s treasures are returned recently after they were lost in a neighboring county over the summer. Jim Skender’s hobby and his granddaughter’s social media skills tracked the proper owner of a ring that was found attached to Austin Leveritt’s dog tags.

A local man’s hobby became a way for another family to get back a lost heirloom.

Jim Skender of Hamburg has been using a metal detector for 20 years looking for lost and forgotten treasures.

Recently, Skender was using his metal detector in Eudora and found a set of dog tags. He said there was a ring and another item attached to the tags. He showed the items to his granddaughter who posted them on her Facebook page to try to find the owner. The dog tags belonged to an Austin B. Leveritt who had lost them over the summer.

As it turned out, the ring was actually a gift that was made for his grandmother by his grandfather and passed down to him. The ring and tags were returned to Leveritt.

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