Last week’s agreement between Ashley County Quorum Court and Hamburg City Council means that the sheriff’s office will continue dispatching the city’s police department, at least through the end of the year.

Justices voted last week to accept the city’s request to maintain a $48,000 a year agreement rather than increase the annual cost to the proposed $55,000.

Though the county has been providing the service for years, an issue arose in April when quorum court members noted the city had not been paying for the service as expected. Justices then presented the city council with a request for $55,000 a year to continue service or it would end in July.

Research by both parties indicated that while the annual fee had been increased verbally to $48,000, there had not been a written agreement in more than a decade.

Given this and Hamburg’s payment of $28,000 with a promise to pay the remaining $20,000, justices agreed to the city’s budgeted amount of $48,000.

Justice Jeff Langley, while recommending the court accept the proposal, said that a new contract should be discussed before Jan. 1, 2020. He added that the budget committee would discuss the other arrangements at their next meeting.

Other financial concerns were discussed by justices as well including garbage trucks and sheriff’s office vehicles.

County Judge Jim Hudson was authorized to cash in a CD valued at $50,000 to purchase a garbage truck that is up for lease renewal. Hudson said the buyout on the truck was approximately $35,000. He was also approved to buy a new packet for the county landfill.

An ordinance allowing the sale of a garbage truck to Bradley County formalized an earlier decision. The sale amount approved was $25,000 and the money will go into the county general fund.

Another ordinance formalized the justices’ decision to purchase new vehicles for the sheriff’s office.

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