Ashley County Fair Board members have announced two new categories for entries this year, Painted Barn Quilts and Painting With Diamonds.

Painted Barn Quilts will qualify in the handicraft division. Some have seen large painted quilt squares displayed on barns or sheds in other areas of Arkansas or around the country. Some areas even designated for “Barn Quilt Tours,” which requires meeting several criteria.

The skill has spread to painting smaller barn quilts to display on houses, shops, mantels, or walls. Hundreds of designs can be found on-line and range from flowers and birds to more traditional quilt squares, some even include family initials worked into the piece. 

Some crafters make different barn quilts for different seasons with examples including cardinals for winter and Christmas, pumpkins and leaves for fall, watermelons for summer, and tulips for springs.

Due to space limitations at the fair, entries will be limited to 12” x 12”. Barn Quilts will be listed under the Handicrafts division and will encompass several sub-categories including springs, summer, autumn, winter, Christmas, personalized, and miscellaneous.

Painting With Diamonds will include sub-categories in two different sizes and will be found under Painting.

The annual fair tabloid has been distributed throughout the county via the Ashley County Shopper’s Guide. Copies are still available at Ashley Gas and Tackle in Hamburg.

Other entry categories for the fair include things that have been canned, sewn, quilted, hand-crafted, refinished, baked, grown, painted or photographed. Participants will have the opportunity to show their work to the community and the chance to win ribbons or cash prizes.

Fair board members are also looking for volunteers to help during the week of the fair. Several events are available during any time period.

For more information contact Sandra Dee Dorman at (870) 737-3121 or any fair board member listed here: Danny Rial, Don Wallace, Anita Bierbaum, Lisa Wallace, Virginia Kelley, Haley Chavis, Tom McLemore, Sammy Cox, Leah Cox, Donna Collier, Terri Clark, Kelli Fairris.

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