Week of September 14-18


Monday, September 14— Corn dogs w/mustard, French fries w/catsup, pickles, fruit, milk

Tuesday, September 15— Macaroni & cheese w/ham, fried okra, rolls, fruit, milk

Wednesday, September 16— Hoagie sandwich, French fries w/catsup, lettuce/tomato/pickle, jello and fruit, milk

Thursday, September 17— Italian spaghetti, tossed salad w/cheese, Italian rolls, fresh fruit, milk

Friday, September 18— Chicken strips w/white gravy, baby carrots w/ranch, crackers, fruit, milk


Monday, September 14— Corn dog, mustard, baked beans, raw veggie strips, ranch dressing, applesauce, milk

Tuesday, September 15— Pigs in a blanket, French fries, green salad, ranch dressing, catsup, mustard, milk

Wednesday, September 16— Taco salad, Mexicali corn, tortilla chips, salsa, apple wedges, milk

Thursday, September 17— Chicken noodles, green beans, cranberry sauce, cornbread, fresh fruit, milk

Friday, September 18— Sloppy Joe on bun, baked potato, chips, raw broccoli with dip, fruit, milk

Trinity Academy

Monday, September 14—

Chicken fried steam, mashed potatoes, gravy, butterbeans, dessert

Tuesday, September 15— Chicken spaghetti, green beans, cheese biscuits, dessert

Wednesday, September 16— Ham, potatoes au gratin, fried okra, dessert

Thursday, September 17— Corn dogs, tater babies, fruit, dessert

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